Chapter-02 of #life3point0, read by Talkie. This chapter tries to answer the most basic but difficult questions of mankind, and sets definite meanings to them which will be followed throughout the upcoming chapters. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence is a book by Swedish-American cosmologist Max Tegmark from MIT. Life 3.0 discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future of life on Earth and beyond. The book discusses a variety of societal implications, what can be done to maximize the chances of a positive outcome, and potential futures for humanity, technology and combinations thereof. Time stamps 00:00 Title 00:41 What Is Intelligence ? 10:47 What Is Memory ? 21:03 What Is Computation ? 38:26 What Is Learning ? 57:32 The End Genre : Artificial Intelligence. Check-out the playlists section of this channel for full audiobooks. sci-fi shorts Life 3.0 | being human in the age of artificial intelligence Foundation [1942] Foundation and Empire [1953] Second Foundation [1952] SUBSCRIBE to ‘Talkie Books’ for more sci-fi audiobooks. #talkiebooks #bestscifistories #scifinovels #bestscifistories #goodreads