Crisp overview Experts and leaders exchanging about the key components of Setting up an AI Centre of Excellence that lay the foundations for strategic scaling and industrialization. 📌 📅 🎥 AGENDA: 00:00 Start 00:17 Intro 05:33 Opening Keynote: Bridging the Gap Between Privacy and Innovation with Synthetic Data, Alexandra Ebert 22:23 Panel Discussion: The Fundamentals and Key Components of AI CoE 52:57 Keynote: Welcome to the Transition Point: Learning to Thrive in Disruptive Times, Sean Culey 1:16:43 Panel Discussion: AI CoE – Going Beyond Data and Technology 1:53:40 Keynote: The Future of Technology and the of Future of Work, Giselle Mota 2:05:39 Panel Discussion: Leaving the Trap of Proof of Concept: Planning, Kick-Off, Strategic Scaling, Industrialisation 2:41:51 Keynote: Leaving the Well-Known Comfort-Zone, Franck Gazzola 3:06:55 Outro 🎤 Pedro Berrocoso, Takeda | Thomas “Ai Nerd” Helfrich, | Johan Steyn, IITPSA, PwC South Africa | Igor Rotin, Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation | Payam Mokhtarian, Plerion | Natascha Ochiel, AI Centre of Excellence, Kenya | Majella Clarke | Wayne Butterfield, ISG Automation | Giselle Mota, ADP | Andeed Ma, Risk and Managament Association of Singapore (RIMAS) | Lee Coulter, Acresis, LLC | Franck Gazzola, UNDER THE POLE, FROTHERS GALLERY | Yves Mulkers, 7wData | Raul Villamarin Rodriguez, Ph.D., Woxsen University | Sean Culey (FCILT, SCOR-P), Aera Technology | Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem, University of Pretoria, University of South Africa | Albert King, Chief Data Officer, The Scottish Government | Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer, MOSTLY AI Chair, IEEE Synthetic Data IC Expert Group [More]
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The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched in 2017. Technical Director Ian Levy explains how the UK’s active cyber defence programme is working at the WIRED Security conference 2017. The country hasn’t yet seen the most severe cyberattack possible against it but it’s only a matter of time. ABOUT WIRED SECURITY Hundreds of cybersecurity professionals, business decision makers and technology influencers met at the second WIRED Security event, at Kings Place, London on September 28 2017. Discover some of the fascinating insights from the speakers here: ABOUT WIRED EVENTS WIRED events shine a spotlight on the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who are changing our world for the better. Explore this channel for videos showing on-stage talks, behind-the-scenes action, exclusive interviews and performances from our roster of events. Join us as we uncover the most relevant, up-and-coming trends and meet the people building the future. ABOUT WIRED WIRED brings you the future as it happens – the people, the trends, the big ideas that will change our lives. An award-winning printed monthly and online publication. WIRED is an agenda-setting magazine offering brain food on a wide range of topics, from science, technology and business to pop-culture and politics. CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Magazine: Newsletter:
3 hours with our experts, at the heart of the Cyber Defence Centre. Witness how our Cyber Defence Centre detects and answers any kind of cyber security incident, in close relation with our customers. Because ensuring your security is our 24/7 priority.