As per predictions of ‘5Jewels Research’ Convergence of Blockchain, IoT & AI (CBIA) is going to be most disruptive area for future Tech. innovations. This essentially means that for launching most disruptive innovations in market, one has to pursue CBIA, ie going to market with converged solutions based on mix of Blockchain, IoT & AI. So if you have positioned your company as a Blockchain Startup, or an AI /Deep Tech. startup or an IoT startup, then probably you are not even explored potentials of CBIA. While Blockchain brings trust into system, IoT brings agility and AI brings intelligence into system. So if you build your propositions based on all three combined Technologies, then you are actually going to enable a trust based agile and intelligent business. So in this webinar we shall be going to explore what are the various disruptive innovation markets CBIA is going to create and what are the potential opportunities which exists in those emerging markets along with an estimation of Market Size. We shall be also recommending best GTM strategies for various CBIA based market segments with an overview of what kind of solutions and products shall fit into emerging markets of CBIA. We shall be also analyzing industry vertical wise market opportunities for CBIA based solutions and products with some live examples of on going Tech. innovations in this area. Presenting Analyst: Sumant Parimal, Chief Analyst of ‘5 Jewels Research’. * Sumant has been researching CBIA since quite some time and he is [More]