Although Amazon is at the forefront of AI technology, the company could not find a way to make its algorithm gender neutral. But the company’s failure reminds us that AI develops bias from a variety of sources. While there’s a common belief that algorithms are supposed to be built without any of the bias or prejudices that color human decision-making, the truth is that an algorithm can unintentionally learn bias from a variety of different sources. Everything from the data used to train it, to the people who are using it, and even seemingly unrelated factors, can all contribute to AI bias. This Case study is all about how Amazon AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women. #Amazon #genderequality #AIinrecruitment #marketingcasestudy #mbacasestudy #managementcasestudy #casestudy #HRcasestudy
Dan Faggella has built a flourishing subscription business in a specialized martial arts niche. In this interview, he and fellow subscription expert James Schramko talk about the beginnings of his business, the strategies behind its success, and where he plans to go with his profitable venture. In this episode: 01:03 – A quick overview 02:30 – Why pursue recurring subscription? 04:04 – A passing trend? 06:22 – How to generate $70,000 a month 09:46 – James’ octopus theory 12:37 – Should you sell a subscription AND one-time products? 16:22 – Breaking down the marketing costs 17:01 – Why a freemium model might make sense 20:33 – When a membership isn’t founder-focused 22:13 – Putting a price tag on the business 25:27 – Where the traffic comes from 28:12 – In summary 28:58 – How to really be unique in your market 31:10 – Take a look at how this company does it so well Get more resources to improve your marketing inside SuperFastBusiness membership Get the full transcript and access to the resources mentioned here: Join the conversation! Facebook Twitter Instagram iTunes Get FREE Training from SuperFastBusiness here In this episode of the Bootstrapped Web podcast, Dan Faggella — the man — when it comes to email marketing automation, was kind enough to take us behind the scenes of his actual business, showing us his email marketing sequence he uses to sell info products and courses on his site, (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques). He shows me his Infusionsoft dashboard where we can see his campaign builder and the actual emails he sends to prospects, as they progress through his sales funnel. For the full show notes, and all previous episodes, visit
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Fei-Fei Li’s main research areas are in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and cognitive and computational neuroscience.
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