SingularityNET’s AGIX token will power multiple spinoff projects to build out an ecosystem of decentralized artificial intelligence applications across various verticle markets. He also discusses the weight liquid rank reputation system, SingularityDAO’s AI DeFi, NuNET’s decentralized computing, Rejuve’s AI human longevity, Awakening Health’s medical robot assistants, SophiaDAO’s humanoid robot mind cloud, TrueAGI, Mindplex, and AI-DSL. SingularityDAO – NuNET – Rejuve – SophiaDAO – Awakening Health – TrueAGI – AI-DSL – Support this channel by joining as a member with the link below: AI Marketplace – Developer Documentation – Publish AI Services – SingularityNET’s Website – AGIX Community Telegram – AGIX Price Chat Telegram – Singularity Share Force Telegram – AGIX Hats – AGIX Merchandise Store –… __________________________________ Follow me on Twitter: 0x483D65B84c3Ba64bde6e04cb04198EA60C7F88A2 #Cardano #Decentralized #AI
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