The show is part of a series that I’m really excited about, in part because I’ve been working to bring them to you for quite a while now. The focus of the series is a sampling of the interesting work being done over at OpenAI, the independent AI research lab founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and others. In this episode, I’m joined by Greg Brockman, OpenAI Co-Founder and CTO. Greg and I touch on a bunch of topics in the show. We start with the founding and goals of OpenAI, before diving into a discussion on Artificial General Intelligence, what it means to achieve it, and how we going about doing so safely and without bias. We also touch on how to massively scale neural networks and their training training and the evolution of computational frameworks for AI. This conversation is not only informative and nerd alert worthy, but we cover some very important topics, so please take it all in, enjoy, and send along your feedback! To find the notes for this show, visit For more info on this series, visit