Join me live as we walk through a step by step (hands-on lab) process of building chat bots using Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams. The chat bot will provide the user status information of their Help Desk ticket. We will be calling Power Automate flows from Power Virtual Agents chat bots to check the ticket status. We will be leveraging Power Virtual Agents with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. I will answer your questions live during the session. Microsoft Dataverse for Teams delivers a built-in low code data platform for Microsoft Teams, and provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance, and one-click solution deployment. In this live session, we will learn how to build chat bots, call flow from chat bot to query Dataverse Tables, return rich text from flow to bot & more. 📢 Q&A Rules: 👉 I will open the floor for live Q/A at end of session. 👉 Put “Q:” in front of your comments and post your question. 👉 Please do not re-post your questions. 👉 I will try to answer as many questions as possible. 👉 If you SPAM your question/comments, you will be put in timeout. #PowerVirtualAgents #MicrosoftTeams #Dataverse #Live #RezaDorrani
#PowerVirtualAgents #MicrosoftDataverseforTeams In this video on Power Virtual Agent chat bots with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, we will explore building a Power Virtual Agent chat bot within Microsoft Teams and leverage Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. We will build upon our Help desk solution and add an intelligent chat bot that will provide the users status updates to their help desk tickets. With Power Virtual Agents users can easily create their own digital assistants within Teams and make them available to their colleagues to chat with. And better yet, this functionality is included with your existing Teams licenses and the bot creation experience is embedded within Teams itself – empowering all your employees to easily build and share bots within Teams. Power Apps & Microsoft Dataverse – Power Automate & Microsoft Dataverse – Ignite 2020 Announcement –
Hello! Today I will show you how to make image recognition bots as fast as possible using Python. I will cover the basics of Pyautogui, Python, win32api and by the end, you should be able to make a bot for pretty much any game. Here are the commands to run and code to paste: All code can be found here: If this video helped you please consider subscribing and leaving a like, it helps a ton! If you have any errors/suggestions please let me know! Discord server:
In this demo, see how an RPA bot can free employees from highly repetitive, manual tasks. An account opening process is used as an example. Learn more about IBM Robotic Process Automation a
Talk 1 – John Walicki, IBM: The power of a personalized conversational interface to IoT devices with Watson Conversation Talk 2 – Angel Wong, Dexter: Conversational interfaces are capturing huge mindshare yet there are nuances to creating a delightful experience. Trying to use the exact same style across different device styles like IoT, Smart Speakers, and Chatbots won’t lead to an optimal experience. Join us to learn how best to approach these different interaction modes and create your best user experience.