Joscha Bach is a rare mind. He is an artificial intelligence researcher that is sought out by people doing research to understand how the human mind works. He sat down with Vance Crowe for a second time to discuss if our world is in a more precarious place than in the past. Bach discusses what happens if a parent chooses not to download a religious software onto their child. Joscha Bach mention’s Paul Graham’s blog post. “Lies we tell kids.” They discuss the growing phenomenon of young women getting interested in astrology. Bach then discusses the increase in autism and some of the causes of the increases (changes to food, estrogen in the water) of a neural disorders that only occasionally creates a super power in high IQ individuals. Bach then gives an exceptional book review about three sci-fi novels: Dune, Foundation and The Three Body Problem. They close out answering the question “how does Joscha Bach think about parenting.” Joscha is an excellent Twitter follow @plinz A link to the first interview between Vance Crowe and Joscha Bach (@plinz) on predicting COVID long before others. #autism #religion #parenting January’s ATCF Book Club is “Dune” join us: Vance Crowe Podcast Website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: Buy a sweatshirt, T-shirt or mugs from the podcast! Check out the Articulate Ventures Merch Store: Subscribe to the podcast for email notifications on new episodes, invites to events and [More]
**NEW COURSERA MACHINE LEARNING COURSE** This is a short video which gives advice on how to learn Machine Learning. Machine learning is an extremely exciting field, there is so much to it and it can be a little overwhelming for someone new trying to enter the field. This video will guide you on how to start, where to find the right resources and on the path you should take. It recommends online courses, websites and books. If you have any questions about Machine Learning, please put them in the comments section. Machine Learning is a term that covers quite a large field. It uses linear regression, logistic regression, classification, deep learning, support vector machines and neural networks. It is a branch of data science and is a very exciting field. One of its main applications is in artificial intelligence. Here are the links from the video:- ### Online Courses 1. Udemy: Automate the boring stuff – 2. Udemy: Complete Python Bootcamp – 3. Learn Python – 4. Google’s Python Class – 5. My Python Course – ### Books (affiliate links) 1. Automate the Boring Stuff With Python – (or for free here ) 2. Python Crash Course - 3. Effective Computation in Physics – 4. Learn Python the Hard Way – ### Practice 1. Hacker Rank – ## Learn Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib ### Books 1. Python for Data Analysis – 2. Effective Computation in Physics – [More]