Ultimate Fact presents Top 20 Amazing Robot Animals That Will Blow Your Mind. Millions of years of evolution have allowed animals to develop some elegant and highly efficient solutions to problems like locomotion, flight, and dexterity. Specifically, developers try to give their products the appropriate appearance and give robots all the advantages of the representatives of fauna. Let’s look at the top 20 amazing robot animals that will blow your mind. 1. Big Dog Robot The first robot on our list embodies the dreams of the American infantrymen. This assistant created precisely for these strong guys, literally carries all the weight that previously had to drag the soldiers themselves. To be honest, it does not really remind you of a dog. However, it still can follow a person even with a load of up to 500 kg. 2. Robot Fish First, that can be said is that this particular robot came out very beautiful. It turned out so impressive because with the next level inventions, it completely imitates all the habits and movements of fish, and can easily be confused with the real one. Today, several dozen of these robotic fish are in different sizes and various breeds. 3. Robot Bird Back in 2011, the world saw the first robot bird. The scenery is extraordinary, because the robot imitating albatross moves, floats and flies precisely like its feathered prototype. Today there are more than 20 such robots, and each of them is unique. 4. Robot Snake Of course, not all [More]
Google Duplex is a super realistic personal assistant. Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher, Maytha Alhassen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. http://tyt.com/JOIN Read more here: https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/8/17332070/google-assistant-makes-phone-call-demo-duplex-io-2018 “Onstage at I/O 2018, Google showed off a jaw-dropping new capability of Google Assistant: in the not too distant future, it’s going to make phone calls on your behalf. CEO Sundar Pichai played back a phone call recording that he said was placed by the Assistant to a hair salon. The voice sounded incredibly natural; the person on the other end had no idea they were talking to a digital AI helper. Google Assistant even dropped in a super casual “mmhmmm” early in the conversation. Pichai reiterated that this was a real call using Assistant and not some staged demo. “The amazing thing is that Assistant can actually understand the nuances of conversation,” he said. “We’ve been working on this technology for many years. It’s called Google Duplex.” Duplex really feels like next-level AI stuff, but Google’s chief executive said it’s still very much under development. Google plans to conduct early testing of Duplex inside Assistant this summer “to help users make restaurant reservations, schedule hair salon appointments, and get holiday hours over the phone.” Pichai says the Assistant can react intelligently even when a conversation “doesn’t go as expected” and veers off course a bit from the given objective. “We’re still developing this technology, and we want to work hard to get this right,” he said. “We really want it to [More]
Incredibly intelligent machine. – This factory machine will blow your mind.