In this tutorial we’ll use Blender to model and rig some Doc Ock inspired robotic arms, and attach them to a motion capture animation! Part 2: If you want to support my work: Walk Cycle Tutorial: Software used: Blender (v3.0): Assets used: Mixamo: #opensource #armature Chapters: 00:00 Hello, Peter 00:18 Modeling the joint segments 04:11 Creating the arm shape 05:09 Rigging the arm 07:21 Inverse Kinematic setup 09:18 Modeling and rigging the claw 12:34 Robotic arm assembly 13:17 Importing motion capture 14:13 Attaching the arm to the human 16:19 Duplicating the arm 17:16 Cinematic shots 18:02 Limitations of the setup 19:59 PART 2 coming soon! Music: Purchases made through the links below may provide some compensation to Polyfjord. (This is a great way to support the channel!): Intro song: Final result song: