BlackJesusRadio @ The Royal Institution with MAX TEGMARK “Our Mathematical Universe” – 10/8/14 @BlackJesusRadio YouTube / FB SUBSCRIBE JOIN NOW ! The Royal Institution Published on Oct 8, 2014 Was mathematics invented or discovered? Is everything mathematically predetermined? Is there no such thing as free will? Subscribe for more science talks! Following his talk at the Ri in January 2014, Max Tegmark invited questions from the audience. This Q&A delves into the deep conundrums of consciousness, free will and physicality, exploring the idea that our universe is an entirely mathematical structure. Why is mathematics so spectacularly successful at describing the cosmos? In his Ri talk from January 30 2014, MIT physics professor Max Tegmark proposed a radical idea: that our physical world is not only described by mathematics, but that it is mathematics. He showed how this theory may provide answers to the nature of reality itself. This event was filmed at the Royal Institution on January 30 2014.