Bird flight deep dive: FB: Tweet: Download HYDROPHILE: ⇊ Click ⇊ Check out the high speed camera I used: It’s a pretty big deal to shoot high speed footage from a boat in the middle of the amazon jungle. Revolutionary stuff for scientists! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION: Thanks to Rainforest Expeditions for inviting me down, if you’d like to go down to the Amazon Rainforest and see a strangler fig and the log with bats on it for yourself, check them out at A sincere thank you to Dr. Kenny Breuer and Dr. Sharon Swartz. They never hesitated to help me, even skyping with me after hours. You absolutely must check out the amazing work Since you’re smart, read their publications! I may upload some of that on the skype conversation on the second channel, FunnerEveryDay. Dr. Swartz Identified the bats me and Jeff filmed: “The species is Rhynchonycteris naso, which I guess is called the Proboscis bat!” Outlines of the anatomically correct bird and the bat were drawn up by Larom for free because he likes to get Smarter Every Day, and help you do the same. He does a project like that every day. I purchased a license to show the two flying fox images in the video from Peter Chorley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET STUFF SECTION: (If I did this right these should be working Amazon affiliate links to purchase the stuff I like to use. When people [More]