Learning bike skills doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun too!! Harley loves to jump onto his manual machine and try a few manuals out – it’s why we just leave it set up in the front room most of the time!! With practice he’s starting to get the hang of the ‘squash and pop’ technique and now isn’t using the brakes to control his height – he’s just using the sofa behind him to land on instead :p He has on a number of occasions managed to hold the bike up at the balance point for a few seconds… something he gets overly excited about when it happens!!! For those wandering: Why we do this? It’s because he enjoys it!! What is he training for? Nothing at all… he’s just happily learning some bike skills on his terms and in his own time. What is the point in a manual machine? Well… it’s actually taught Harley a much better technique on the BMX racing track when he’s attempting to manual there and it’s improved his ability to jump – he can now clear small doubles/gap jumps riding on his MTB and dirt jump bike thanks to this!! Videos recorded as a 2 year old riding a @Cult Crew Juvenile 12inch BMX (first clip and in his PJs!) and as a 3 year old (nearly 4… a week before his birthday) on a @Spawn Cycles Yoji 16inch MTB (that he uses as his BMX because he prefers [More]