This all began with a doubt… AI vs ML vs DL My doubt was why these words used interchangeably even when they are not the same. I came to a conclusion about this while I was going through AI vs ML vs DL which I’ll be briefing in the last. Hierarchy- DL is subset of ML which is further a subset of AI. DL is the way in which ML is achieved. ML is the way in which AI is achieved. AI- Artificial intelligence is mimicking human intelligence and trying to to make machine as intelligent as human. This can be achieved by again mimicking the process by which by which human becomes intelligent and that is learning so here comes machine-learning which tries to make machine learn and make itself intelligent which is again a part of artificial. So here we came across the term machine learning so machine learning was about described as making machine learn and make itself intelligent but how can we make machine learn? Here again we go for a mimicking human by which he Learns and uses his intelligence. How does human achieve this? He does this by or with the help of his brain how does his brain become capable of doing search extremely wonderful things that is because of the neural network in his brain which is a collection for cluster of millions and billions of neurones forming a network which are interlinked through a synapse. Show the process of making this [More]