How do people make decisions? What can we do to help people make better decisions? How can AI tools help people make better decisions? Decisions in companies but also in everyday life are essential and here the right AI solutions can be an important help to empower employees and citizens to make better and even faster decisions. In this web conference these questions will precisely answered. We will explain how people make decisions, what are the strengths and also weaknesses from a neuropsychological point of view. With practical examples we explain what everyone and do, also with the support of AI-tool to make better decisions. For this web conference we have been able to win four proven experts in the discipline of artificial intelligence and human decision making for you. Panellists: – Dr. Katharina von Knop, CEO and Founder, Digital Trust “Optimization human decision making with digital / AI solutions” Human decisions are influenced by 186 heuristics and even changes in basal factors like room temperature lead to different results. The lecture aims to gain some clarity about human decision making and how we can use digital / AI solutions to improve people’s decision making. – Fabian Beringer, CEO & CO-Founder, e-bot7 “Turning conversations into conversions: Achieving optimal results with self-learning AI” We bring practical applications of Deep Learning and AI to customer service and help companies achieve greater customer service efficiency. The system analyses inbound messages, sends them to the right department, and provides agents with accurate response suggestions. [More]