Dan Fagella talks to Jason Barnard and they provide you with a 5 minute definition Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If you want to understand, in simple terms, what all the fuss is about, watch this 5 minute explanation in the form of an intelligent and enjoyable conversation between Dan and Jason. What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Artificial Intelligence is a technology where a computer aims to perform tasks that otherwise a human would need to do. What is considered to be Artificial Intelligence changes over time – what was considered to be AI in 1980, is no longer considered to be AI today (watch the video for Dan Faggella’s brilliant explanation). Machine learning is a subset of AI where humans provide a computer with vast amounts of information and give it a task to perform. The machine automatically learns and improves its performance in completing the task from experience without being explicitly programmed, even finding new and better ways to complete to task that a human would not have thought of or predicted. Read the transcript here https://kalicube.pro/faq/seo-glossary/explanation-of-artificial-intelligence-and-machine-learning/