For more information about Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence professional and graduate programs, visit: Jacob Devlin, Google AI Language Professor Christopher Manning Thomas M. Siebel Professor in Machine Learning, Professor of Linguistics and of Computer Science Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL)
Session Chair: Federica Sarro Perf-AL: Performance Prediction for Configurable Software through Adversarial Learning – (Technical Paper) Yangyang Shu, Yulei Sui, Hongyu Zhang and Guandong Xu Presenter: Yangyang Shu Learning Features that Predict Developer Responses for iOS App Store Reviews – (Technical Paper) Kamonphop Srisopha, Daniel Link, Devendra Swami and Barry Boehm Presenter: Kamonphop Srisopha Automatic Identification of Code Smell Discussions on Stack Overflow: A Preliminary Investigation – (Emerging Result and Vision Paper) Sergei Shcherban, Peng Liang, Amjed Tahir and Xueying Li Presenter: Peng Liang GASSER: Genetic Algorithm for teSt Suite Reduction – (Emerging Result and Vision Paper) Carmen Coviello, Simone Romano, Giuseppe Scanniello and Giuliano Antoniol Presenter: Carmen Coviello
Support my work on Patreon: A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code. Full list on Medium: The GitHub repository: ►Subscribe to my newsletter: Interested in computer vision? Here is my top 10 CV research papers of 2020: AI Debate 2 – Hosted by Montreal AI: Chapters: 0:00 Hey! Tap the Thumbs Up button and Subscribe. You’ll learn a lot of cool stuff in 2021, I promise. 0:28 2020, A year in review 9:06 Where do you want AI to go? #StateOfAI #ArtificialIntelligence #AI2020
Welcome to the very first keynote. Tune in at 10:15am PT for the pre-show, and at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET for the main event!
From the Accenture Innovation Hub in San Francisco, hear Accenture CTIO Paul Daugherty present Technology Vision 2020. Learn more:
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In this session, Developer Advocate Khanh LeViet (@khanhlvg) talks about TensorFlow Lite, the framework that brings ML to mobile and embedded systems. You’ll learn about the differences between ML on a supercomputer and ML on a portable device, and the tools and technologies that Google has developed to allow you to bring your work to mobile devices without reinventing the wheel. We’ll cover the basics and also special subjects like TinyML and model optimization and quantization. Learn more about TensorFlow Lite → TensorFlow Lite example apps → TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers → Robotic vacuum cleaner powered by TF → Check out more TF Fall 2020 updates → Subscribe to TensorFlow → #tensorflowupdates
🔥 PGP in AI and Machine Learning (9 Months Online Program): This Edureka video on “Future of AI” talks about the evolution of AI over the Years. It also lists out the different inventions of AI in recent times and how it is going to change the world in the Future. Following are the Topics Covered in this Artificial Intelligence Video: 1:40 Evolution of AI 4:11 Beginning of AI Revolution 6:57 Recent AI Inventions 9:48 Future of AI ———————————————————– 🔵 Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning with Electronics & ICT Academy NIT Warangal (9 Months Online Program) : Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: Edureka Community: Instagram: Slideshare: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ———————————————————– #edureka #edurekaDatascience #artificialIntelligence #FutureofAI About the course: Edureka’s Data Science course will cover the whole data life cycle ranging from Data Acquisition and Data Storage using R-Hadoop concepts, Applying modelling through R programming using Machine learning algorithms and illustrate impeccable Data Visualization by leveraging on ‘R’ capabilities. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Why Learn Data Science? Data Science training certifies you with ‘in demand’ Big Data Technologies to help you grab the top paying Data Science job title with Big Data skills and expertise in R programming, Machine Learning and Hadoop framework. After the completion of the Data Science course, you should be able to: 1. Gain insight into the ‘Roles’ [More]
In this session, you’ll learn how to efficiently manage your business tasks by building powerful chatbots with SAP Conversational AI services. Understand intents, entities, skills, conversational flows, and conversational UX. 00:00 Chapters: Introduction Digital transformation forces companies to automate their business processes How? Chatbots SAP Conversational AI strives to provide a unique experience for all enterprise-ready chatbots SAP Conversational AI helping the SAP S/4HANA team to build a procurement chatbot All chatbots build with SAP software are customizable and extendable customer service with chatbots Want to get started with SAP Conversational AI? Speaker: Suparna Deb, Chief Product Officer, SAP LABS INDIA Track: Intelligent Technologies Sub-Track: (INT102) Establish powerful conversational agents Session Type: Lecture (40 min) Level: Beginner Programming Language: Bring Your Own Language (Other) Job Role: CIO/CTO Item of Interest: SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite • Continued Learning: • SAP TechEd news guide: • SAP Community: • SAP TechEd in 2020: #SAPS4HANA #SAPCloudPlatform #AI
Artificial Intelligence Summit 2020 (Virtual Expo and Conference) is an innovation exhibition in response to the challenges of the information and technology exhibition industry which is currently experiencing limitations to carry out the activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Artificial Intelligence Summit is packaged on a website platform which contains a 3-dimensional booth display and product display in which visitors can navigate, walk down the gangway, resembling real activities at conventional exhibitions. In addition, exhibitors and sponsors can directly interact with visitors to provide education and to introduce the technology products and solutions. WEBINAR SESSION #DAY 3 (08.00 – 17.00 WIB) Keynote Session (08.05 – 08.30 WIB) Keynote Speech “Infrastructure and Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Technology in Indonesia” Ririek Adriansyah, President Director, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. Keynote Speech “Implementasi Hasil Riset Kecerdasan Artifisial” Ir. Ashwin Sasongko S, M.Sc, Ph.D, IPU., Komite Dewan Riset Nasional RI Webinar Session 1 (08.35 – 10.00 WIB) Artificial Intelligence – Informing The Present and Shaping The Future for Data Infrastructure” Opened by Dr. Michael Purwoadi, Head of AI National Strategic Working Group 3 Moderator : Ir. Beno Kunto Pradekso M,Sc., CEO Solusi 247 Panel Discussion : 1. Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya S.Si., M.Si, Chancellor of Telkom University 2. Dr. Eng. Imam Machdi M.T. , Deputy Chief Statistician for Methodology and Statistical Information, BPS 3. Sihmirmo Adi, CEO Telkom Sigma 4. Edi Sugianto, Chief Commercial Officer, PT. Dwi Tunggal Putra 5. Rene Indiarto Widjaja, President Director, PT. Epsindo Prima Sinergi Keynote Speaker (10.05 – 10.30 WIB) [More]
Some ASEAN countries may be on the road to economic recovery, but many economists warned that it won’t be smooth. CABA ASEAN Summit 2020 brings a panel of experts to address how technology like AI, deep tech and blockchain to act as a tech enabler for the businesses and governments. The panel led by Anndy Lian has covered the following topics: – How technology like AI, deep tech and blockchain will affect lives? – How AI can help in good data and 5G – How to tackle teething problems such as security for AI? – How can blockchain technology improve on security aspects of things? – Do you really trust AI? – What should investors and people who want to get into the technology industry look at? What is the future? Moderated by: – Anndy Lian, Advisory Board Member of Hyundai DAC Panel members: – Dr Andrew Wu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Meshbio Pte Ltd – Sheeram Iyer, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Prisma Global – Stephen Ho, Group Chief Operating Officer, Skylab Group
NTA UGC NET 2020 (Paper-1) | Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by Aditi Ma’am | Generation of Programming Computer Go through this video for Generation of Programming Computer in Hindi by Aditi Ma’am. In this video, we have compiled for you the most important Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Questions that have maximum chances of coming this year in the UGC NET June 2020 Exam. So start practicing these questions to ace the UGC NET Exam this year. For clearing UGC NET June 2020 Exam, candidates must practice the most frequently appearing questions of different sections of the exam. Information and communications technology or (ICT) is an extensional term for information technology (IT) that stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual systems, which enable users to access, store, transmit and manipulate information. So, in this video, we have compiled the most important Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Questions that have maximum chances to come this year in UGC NET June 2020 Exam. Welcome to Unacademy UGC NET, your one-stop solution for cracking NTA UGC NET Examination. India’s top educators will be teaching you daily on this channel. We will cover the entire syllabus, strategy, updates, and notifications which will help you to crack NTA UGC NET examination with flying colors. Unacademy platform has the best educators from all over the country, who take live classes every day. === Live Classes [More]
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WRT-1025: Using AI/ML Design Patterns for Digital Twins and Model-Centric Engineering – Dr. Mark Austin, University of Maryland Presented on November 18, 2020 at the 12th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review. Through various keynotes and breakout sessions, the SSRR focuses on the latest research results from SERC researchers aligned with the emerging and critical research needs of sponsors. EVENT PAGE:
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In Part 1 of this 9 part Keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang sets the stage for #GTC20 by describing the exciting future of AI and welcomes the company’s developer community, now 2 million strong. Watch the latest I AM AI video to see how the world is facing its greatest challenges. Learn more about the major announcements in data centers, edge #AI, collaboration tools and healthcare: GTC Homepage: Watch the Keynote on NVIDIA: #GTC20 #IAMAI Follow NVIDIA on Twitter:
Yoshua Bengio, considered one of the ‘Godfathers of Artificial Intelligence’ discusses Recurrent independent mechanisms, sample complexity, end-to-end adaptation, multivariate categorical MLP conditionals and more. When summarising his talk, Professor Bengio gave three key points to keep in mind when ‘looking forward’ – We must build a world model which meta-learns causal effects in abstract space of causal variables. This requires a necessity to quickly adapt to change and generalize out-of-distribution by sparsely recombining modules – The necessity to acquire knowledge and encourage exploratory behaviour – The need to bridge the gap between the aforementioned system 1 and system 2 ways of thinking, with old neural networks and consciousness reasoning taken into account
WRT-1025: Using AI/ML Design Patterns for Digital Twins and Model-Centric Engineering – Dr. Mark Austin, University of Maryland Presented on November 18, 2020 at the 12th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review. Through various keynotes and breakout sessions, the SSRR focuses on the latest research results from SERC researchers aligned with the emerging and critical research needs of sponsors. EVENT PAGE:
In Part 4 of this #GTC20 Keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang describes the incredible computation and capabilities behind the latest advances in AI. He announces NVIDIA TensorRT 7.2 to aid inferencing, that the NVIDIA NGC container registry will now be available in the Azure, AWS, and GCP marketplaces, and new partnerships with Microsoft bringing AI to Microsoft Office and American Express for fraud detection. The NVIDIA Jarvis application framework for conversational AI is now in open beta and the new NVIDIA Maxine cloud-native streaming video #AI platform brings the magic of AI to video conferencing. 08:59 – Watch the SpeechSquad conversational AI demo running on NVIDIA Jarvis and DGX NGC: NVIDIA Maxine: GTC Homepage: Watch the Keynote on NVIDIA: Follow NVIDIA on Twitter:
A discussion that deliberated on the importance of skill development initiatives to enable the next generation talent to be competent to cope with rapid advancement in technologies. Follow us on =========== Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: #ICTAcademyIndia #ictacademybridge2020 #bridgechennai
Bill Dally, NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist and SVP of Research, explains how research coupled with technology continues to advance computing and double AI performance each year. Dally describes NVIDIA’s innovations in AI, graphics, HPC, healthcare, edge computing and autonomous machines. He also shares new research in the areas of AI inference, silicon photonics, and GPU cluster acceleration. After the keynote be sure to watch the panel of five senior NVIDIA executives describing how the company’s latest breakthroughs in AI, data science and healthcare are being adopted. 0:00 I AM AI Intro 3:12 GTC China 2020 Keynote with Bill Dally 1:09:35 GTC China 2020 NVIDIA Executive Panel
© Institut français d’Israël 2020 A.I from A to Z Speaker: Benoit Le Blanc, Head of the National School of Engineering in Cognitic (ENSC), specialized in artificial intelligence and applied cognitive sciences Online lecture. Date: July 1st, 2020 Check out our Website to attend our upcoming events about Artificial Intelligence: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its ethical issues” is a series of panel discussions organized by the Embassy of France and the French Institute of Israel, with the support of the French Institute Paris, that aims at exploring with French and Israeli experts the current issues and challenges raised by the development of AI and its diffusion in our societies.
ICRA 2020 Keynote Talk: How long before Killer Robots? Toby Walsh UNSW Sydney Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 31 May – 31 August, 2020 Virtual Conference
Bio Oriol Vinyals is a Principal Scientist at Google DeepMind, and a team lead of the Deep Learning group. His work focuses on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining DeepMind, Oriol was part of the Google Brain team. He holds a Ph.D. in EECS from the University of California, Berkeley and is a recipient of the 2016 MIT TR35 innovator award. His research has been featured multiple times at the New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, BBC, etc., and his articles have been cited over 70000 times. His academic involvement includes program chair for the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) of 2017, and 2018. He has also been an area chair for many editions of the NeurIPS and ICML conferences. Some of his contributions such as seq2seq, knowledge distillation, or TensorFlow are used in Google Translate, Text-To-Speech, and Speech recognition, serving billions of queries every day, and he was the lead researcher of the AlphaStar project, creating an agent that defeated a top professional at the game of StarCraft, achieving Grandmaster level, also featured as the cover of Nature. At DeepMind he continues working on his areas of interest, which include artificial intelligence, with particular emphasis on machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning.