SU Global Summit 2019 | AI and Machine Learning Implications | Neil Jacobstein

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The accelerated pace of success in machine learning applications reflects significant improvements in specialized hardware, algorithms, and access to data. Corporations now know that they need to deploy machine learning rapidly, but they are unsure about best practices. Public sentiment has shifted from skepticism to fears of runaway AI, as well as employment, privacy, and ethical issues. The future success of machine learning depends on our ability to capture competitive advantages and manage downside risks effectively.


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Gino Martell III says:

It's too bad this guy has trouble connecting with the audience… It's like he's excited but so fuckin boring. You can see ppl sleeping, on their phones, gettin up to take a piss…

TWITTER: BankingOnXrp says:


Me: Trying to figure out what this guy is gonna try and sell me

Shibil P says:

5.43 is the only way…

Paul Swales says:

Why do people continue to talk about the cloud as a nice soft fluffy place to store your data??? They are stealing your data!!!

Angela Tester says:

Thanks for this video. It all sounds …….. incredible and scary at the same time. It feels like the life I have lived is historic …….. and I'm still living it! Crazy!

Fahad Alharbi says:

Trying to predict the future based on only trends, have a lot of wrongs. This guy predicted that climate change would have been solved by solar banels provding all electricity cheaper then anything else trend by now.. People who adapted more solar got the most expensive electric in the world… Germany and Australia .. Big mistake.. Same apply to everything else.. Things take time and have limits

Tex Gale says:

Climate historia is a tax scam.

Rubytuby says:

Scientist question: Hey AI is climate change alarmism really necessary based on the actual temperature records?
Answer AI : no it’s really mostly political science and groupthink ,And dire forecast that never materialized.

Jānis Rišis says:

They all ar data, wealth colecting corporations.

Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen says:

A planet far away from our own. 10:10.
And which planets are close to our own?
You have to ask. Funny guy.

Richard Nunziata says:

you do know that Boston Dynamics currently does not use Machine Learning in its robots….It's hard to listen someone talk about the future when they don't even know the present.

Islamisthecultofsin says:

Man-made Global Warming is a scam. The earth dies at 150 ppm of CO2 so lets get there as fast as we can!

Dr. Zoidberg says:


This guy gets it.

Pedro Aureliano Silva says:

Pelo que pude ver a opinião é da humanidade continuar competindo uns contra outros para pode adquirir objetos, alimentos e lugares.

Discordo dessa regra, na minha opinião devemos ensinar a todos os filhos da melhor maneira de viver, compartilhando todos os melhores objetos e lugares para a maior prosperidade possível para a humanidade.

Melhorando todas as regiões do planeta e diminuindo a naturalidade.

grovermatic says:

I typically don't sit through videos these long, but a four-minute-old presentation on the latest and greatest in AI? Yes, please.

Interplugados says:

Hey guys. I'm from Brazil and I love your videos.

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