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Senior vice president of Alloy Digital and general manager of The Escapist magazine, the mouthpiece of the gaming generation.

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James L says:

5 years later people put nobody in their comments or hold my beer then repeat it over and over on every video.

Zenith Maldren says:

Cowboy bebop

Fez says:

No, people are most definitely becoming less intelligent as time goes on.

Kim Jakab says:

Very interesting and informative!

Though all this is actually common sense, but we're too lazy to absorb and apply 🙂

Jules says:

People probably stopped watching movies cause they realized there was an underlying agenda in movies that was destroying society. Or maybe that's just wishfull thinking and hollywood is still making billions.

cichon90 says:

03.11.2019 1 out of 5 germans under 15 can't read on a elementary school level…

One Drone Pilot says:

All these smart people and they STILL CAN’T GET THE MIC RIGHT

Mr. Bevalaqua says:

Wrong, people are getting MUCH dumber. And apparently so is "content"

FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst says:

new studies are saying people are actually getting dumber since 20.000bc

Lindani Nxasana says:

People are laughing at this and its not funny it is src that should tell you something

Brandon Martin says:

People are getting smarter? Sure bout that?

1 says:

Old video, but its also worth mentioning that while the general public is getting dumber and weaker, the elite are getting smarter and stronger. Human race is splitting into two, and they’re both headed in opposite directions.

The Part Time Economist says:

Thank you very much for the video. First off, I want to say that I enjoyed the content. However, I do have one suggestion. Your graphs on dollars spent on reading materials and the mean value of SAT scores do not start at zero. This makes the decline look much more drastic and starting with a 0 axis. Still, it was a very great presentation. Thank you.

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