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Barnab獺s Homolya says:

Next: 'A.I learns passing "I'm not a robot" tests'

Mister Ex says:

Lets work tomorrow

2wMaliman says:

I imagine the AI would much faster reach the gaming singularity playing against a human who would show it a variety of solutions rather than repeating the same one.

Connor Michalec says:

Just wait till they try to escape the computer

Adrian Febre says:

How long until we've created the open-source equivalent of a nuke? What kind of ethical oversight is there for research like this?

Cenko Lino says:

Now imagine a super quantum computer that can do trillions of these simulations in a nanosecond. How fast it could learn. A.I is scary.

Learning Academy says:

did you use Unity game engine ?

Bobby Low says:

They're so cute! I chuckled when the blue hider chucked the ramp out of the map!

Q_wex says:

Yo some kids stole this entire game and reuploaded it on roblox…..

Jhon F. Kennedy says:

Goodbye Human.

A A says:

People are developing AI that would eventually keep the rich alive to replace the poor (into a hopefully a quicker and better afterlife).

Green says:

this is incredible. computers are bits of metal and electricity – and we've started to get them to LEARN things

Augustinas Stankeviius says:

So magic exists?

Jakob says:

Wouldnt call it AI if it takes 100Million trys to do something something actually intelligent would do within the first 5 trys.

oisiaa says:

….is this real? This is insane if true and it's 1.5 years old too.

Bro Cobra says:

litteral LOL when it launched itself with ramp, smile, laugh, and bounce was awesome to watch! i hardly ever LOL literally. GREAT JOB!

Jake Rubin says:

Let's goo Vovsha class

Willi Schmidt says:

just random shit, shit happens

Fauzan Rianda says:

Round 6 billion: They tried to get out of the computer

itsShifty says:

This is cool!

Damian Rivoli says:

that really sad moment when IA team up and teamwork properly in multiplayer more than most human players….

Ekkora Koz says:

1:36 did you notice this pointy doorstop-shaped object?…
me: that looks like cartoon cheese
are you thinking what I'm thinking?
me: I highly doubt that

Nathan Kirkland says:


Van says:

imagine taking that AI to minecraft

Chloe L. says:

4:04 when the hider deliberately knocks the ramp into the seeker… I almost let go of my paper…

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