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Learn most important Natural Language Processing Interview Questions and Answers, asked at every Artificial Intelligence interview. These Interview questions will be useful to all entry level candidates, beginners, interns and experienced candidates interviewing for the role of NLP Engineer, NLP Researcher, NLP Intern etc.
The examples and sample answers with each question will make it easier for candidates to understand these conceptual, general and situational interview questions.

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Vikram Kumar says:

very nice video. could you please make a new video with new set of questions

Vishal Kumar says:

ma'am please improve audio quality. It's little hard to catch

Akash says:

Mam pls suggest me BNP Paribas company is visiting our campus ,so what is exam pattern for BNP Paribas means which type of section are there in exam ??
BNP Paribas is coming for internship so pls tell me aptitude exam pattern. As well as is there any negative marking or not ??

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