Moral Machines: How culture changes values​

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How do different cultures value human life? To find out, researchers created a viral online experiment to gather data from millions of participants across the world. Some values generalised across cultures, but others came as a surprise. Find out more in this Nature Video.

Take part in the experiment here:

Find the original research paper here:

*CORRECTION* The spelling of Massachusetts at 00:38 is incorrect. We regret the error.


nature video says:

CORRECTION: The spelling of Massachusetts at 00:38 is incorrect. We regret the error.

Jonathan 5665 says:

Or people could use common sense and not walk in the middle of the road when they aren’t supposed to

Halal zz says:

So according to the video, does culture influence morals?

10,000 subscribers without any videos says:

I don’t think a car could tell the difference between a normal man and an executive man

Abdega says:

3:30 They are probably worried about getting sued

Darren Animatic says:

Kill ____OR _____Kill


Shawn says:

Have more data from eastern countries then talk about it, just more fact based please

E C says:

1:50 greetings from Peru, I think the language is the great limitator for the development of latin america

Joseph Man says:

The car should always save the passengers. They paid for the car’s security in the first place.

Ken Bell says:

So, if I'm a 1%'er and I want safety for myself and my 1%'er family I should work to increase economic inequality in my country.
Great Thanks!!

chenzhipeng zhong says:

Where can I get data on ethical testing?thank you.

Greg Scott says:

Your real problem is that you are going to have to enact these preferences into law to protect the designers of the software and their companies from lawsuits. Personal responsibility is so much easier by comparison…

jason riddell says:

makes for an interesting social experiment but how is an AI system going to know the gender OR age of the "Victims"
the AI should #1 be programmed to REDUCE the injury RISK and number of Victims the first slide shown with the KID in front of the car and the adult in the opposing side the adult is further away and has a LONGER braking distance BUT there is ALSO the added risk of entering the wrong side of traffic and causing further accident so the AI should go straight and SORRY KID assuming the barricade in the middle is NOT an option

Prime Meridian says:

The car will simply stop.

dcy665 says:

A really terrible example. Considering in many cities the speed limit is ~20mph/32mph the driver could actually save the pedestrian by using the brakes. An AI driver would not be distracted and would initiate braking earlier, possibly enough to negate the need for emergency braking.
Sadly, given their bizarre premise, I still cannot understand how the driver would be killed in their situation – unless the AI throws the driver in from of the car to slow it down. Nah, just hit the brakes.

Newtube says:

Just silly. So a machine wouldn't be able to avert an accident but has time to pick and choose the accident?

Wonhyeuk Jung says:

The limitation of the data, which the researchers probably already knew but could not do anything about it since gathering 40million responses from all over the world in any other way was impossible, is that the participants are all people who have access to the internet. Many people who do not use or have access to the internet will not be accounted for in the statistics. How that will affect the result is not very clear but there will be some kind of bias because of the sample bias.

NighteeeY says:

Yeah. A self driving car can definitely differentiate between an executive and a homeless person. Lol.

This discussion is nonexistent. There is no argument or ethic conflict to make.

The simple solution is: we programm the computers to evade to the right first in right side driving countries and to the left in left side driving countries. If thats not possible, to the other side it is. And thats the discussion wrapped up.

Please educate. There is no moral conflict here.

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