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Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:



gengiz olcaytore says:

Maybe as citizens we need to start electing leaders that will try to negotiate international treaties to regulate our halt these technologies

Slam Ham says:

14:41, He was just salty he lost

Pat Warson says:

Id pay money just to sit in the dark eating peanut butter crackers and jerking off and her just talking,sexy ass voice

Gareth Bruce says:

The future is closer than we care to admit.

MisterLumpkin says:

If I had a personal AI, I'd want it to have Annie's voice.

Hawkeye83627 says:

I love how there are people legitimately upset that she plugs her own books. Like, what do you expect? Being a journalist sometimes means spending a fat sum of money to get on a plane, get a hotel, go to another country, and get an interview.

And even if your publisher fronts the bill for all that travel(doubtful) , they probably want the book to do well in return.

Before anybody shoots me I know most of it is jokes but I've seen more than a few people commenting genuinely upset that she would have the Gall to promote a product she worked hard to create.

Kevin Ward says:

Must shut down weaponized A.I

Space mirrors, thorcon, pump fresh water out of the Arctic, kelp forest the ocean, decentralized no till fertilizer free AG, DAC. Nuclear power, thorium….

That should be the topic of the day too

I am Not a troll says:

Bro who is this women ? Her voice makes my winky tingle so smooth

judgebarney says:

There is no morality in WAR!
DARPA is a great killer!
Thank God they are on our side!
It smells like Victory!

judgebarney says:

There is no morality in WAR!
DARPA is a great killer!
Thank God they are on our side!
It smells like Victory!

Luisangel Arredondo says:

bitch said bio hybrids tryna be sweet. shut up its called a cyborg

Bret Rogers says:

The way her glasses are fucked the whole time she’s on the podcast messes me up

La Porta D says:

This is a heavy ass convo bruh lol. Even by Rogan standards.

G Solo says:

The answer to 99 out of 100 questions is money…

Mitch Stevens says:

Right before I die if I live a normal life span I'm going to see some freaky stuff

Mitch Stevens says:

Drones fighting drones in the sky. I'll get a front row seat


Hey joe…..5g ( not just cellphone tech) but 5th gen tech is a.i. tech ….put on a satellite …a.i can literally control anything connected thru a smart grid …..think bigger than cellphone towers….think digital communications from space

Dom Ferraro says:

I saw The Terminator movies.

Connor Hough says:

Joes going super Saiyan in this one. So much shine


You mean to tell me the remote control birds conspiracy is more than just a joke 😫 mind blowing

Mr Trompas says:

The beast will be a machine

Jolfer 13 says:

They are doing it beetles to control there movement and flight. They could use it to get into places to see things that they normally couldn't do. Look up the video..
Its crazy

Jolfer 13 says:

We will be abe to play call of duty for real

Cool Breeze says:

Her voice makes me horny af.

Alex H says:

Most Americans, including myself, are the complete opposite of "alert and knowledgeable."

TWTW Travelling With The Wind says:

9/11 inside job.

ForTheHomies says:

The guest is incredibly smart and well-spoken but by golly is she lovely to look at and listen to. Sheesh lady you're gonna give a young man a heart attack

Whozaper says:

I hate her old voice

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