How to Stop Superhuman Artificial Intelligence from Ending Humanity | Stuart Russell

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Could Artificial Intelligence end humanity? We asked one of the world’s leading experts, professor Stuart Russell. Be prepared to be freaked out

Professor Stuart Russell’s Book ‘Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control’ is out now:

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Double Down News says:

Stuart Russell's Book 'Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control' is out now:

Stu says:

Perhaps an A.I government might have more empathy 😉

Jacqueline Stokes says:

I.A. will NEVER be human. It will NEVER be natural. That's like making a man into a woman or Vise verse. A man is STILL a man. No matter the outer parts change. They STILLLL have the DNA of being the man.

I.A WANTS to be natural. It will NEVER be nature…..NEVER. IT WILL ONLY BE KNOWN AS AN IT.

ujean56 says:

Intelligence: genocide, ecocide, global climate disruption, nuclear weapons, imperial armies, grinding poverty, capitalism, mass advertising as mass media, tiny oligarchs running the entire world economy, individuals with more money than most countries, fossil fuels, religious dogma co-opted by politics and business.


My Pet Crow says:

AI: I am going to wipe Humanity out!
The Sixth Mass Extinction (well underway): Hold my beer.

David Greenwood says:

Can you clarify, are you suggesting that all new AI systems should be developed without a specific purpose in mind, or all new computer programs should be developed without a specific purpose in mind? There are two major problems with this:

First, general AI is a hard problem which, when solved, can still be hijacked and used to create a superintelligent system

Second, it is almost impossible to create a computer program that can be used flexibly to do absolutely anything in the world (limits of computability notwithstanding), beyond any original scope the author has in mind. That's why we have general purpose programming languages. We use those programming languages to create something more concrete and specific, according to our needs.

In the industry, mission creep is always a problem (sometimes a blessing in disguise). You start off with an idea and end up creating something else. Projects can, however, go over-budget and over-time.

Unless I've missed something, I don't see how making your software perfectly general at the outset helps avoid mission creep into creepy AI systems. And on the AI side alone, I don't see why general AI should be favoured over narrow AI.

If the idea is that we shouldn't be doing it for monetary profit, that's a different issue.

Glen Mccarthy says:

This technology is probably our last chance to find a solution for abrupt climate change.

inc says:

Once the elite have AI to do the work for them, the fate of the plebs is sealed!

HarryMonmouth says:

It kind of gave me the impression that humans will end humanity by just sitting staring at screens all day. AI would only need to wait.

OhNegative says:

In other words, we are fucked. All hail 011001010010

Colin Sixhitter says:

Who is to say if silicon life is not the natural evolution from carbon based life. I see nothing special or worth saving with the idiot ape and in fact if you consider all life as precious then the threat the of the idiot ape to all other lifeforms the sooner we join the other extinct species the better. AI is being designed to replace humans because of greed not because of need.

Nick D says:

Read Darwin Among the Machines: The Evolution of Global Intelligence by George Dyson

general mortars says:

We're screwed.

Good luck everyone says:

This is the end game now.

Surfing On Squarewaves says:

We can barely afford to imbue humans with human-focussed goals, let alone robots.

Breakable says:

Man made climate change is still a lie to push depopulation ~

Rachel Howard says:

Socialism is the only way to stop it.

jackaljade says:

We'll never achieve real A.I. Well, not in the science fiction sense, at least, meaning the same as humans.

Get the pitchforks ! says:

I won't be here to see the machine takeover. I'll be dead. I didn't reproduce. It'll be ok.

Red Tide says:

Capitalism is a really bad thing…


Ai is the next step in consciousness, humanity will become obsolete. And that isn't a bad thing considering the damage we are doing to this planet.

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