How Humanoid Robots Will Be Better Than Humans

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Ever imagined a world of robots and humans coexisting? Check out this video and find out when it might become a reality.

Script –
Humans are making computers stronger, faster and more powerful every day. Robotic technologies continue to advance at an ever increasing rate, as scientists push to create a robot that rivals the physical ability, intelligence and emotion of human beings. But will this technology ever be as good as us?
In order for artificial intelligence or AI to be possible, computing power must meet or exceed the memory and processing power of the human brain. The human brain is estimated to have the processing power of 10 quadrillion calculations per second and as of 2015, the Tianhe-2 supercomputer in China could perform over 33 quadrillion calculations per second.However, although this is very impressive, the human brain is far more complex in structure and function than the super computer. The human brain has a complex network of billions of neurons, that receive and send out neurotransmitters, signals, messages and instructions to the entire body every second of our lives. The Tianhe-2 costs about $390 million to build, at its peak it draws more than 17.6 megawatts of power and the computer complex covers about 2,300 square feet. This system is not only massive, but expensive and extremely power hungry. The development of a computer that will emulate a human mind, is more than likely decades away. But a computer that has lots of memory and processing power isn’t enough, for it to be intelligent, an AI needs to behave intelligently. Major efforts for example are underway to map the human brain, this potentially could result in the discovery of consciousness, which could then lead to the development of synthetic consciousness. Giving a computer, a state of awareness or quality, allowing it the ability to experience or to feel or having a state of individual identity.But as the computers become smarter, scientists are also working on building it a body. An AI would need some way to affect the world around it. Using advanced robotics could mean enhanced precision, balance, maneuver ability, agility, speed, strength, durability and much more. Most robots designed today or the robots we see depicted in the movies are mostly shaped like humans. This is because machines shaped like people are best suited to navigate a world built by mankind. A robot that looks like a human could theoretically climb ladders and stairs, step over obstacles in its path, even drive a car for example. However some scientists believe that if you started to design a being from scratch, you could make a much better version of our selves. There are no real advantages to building robots that look like humans, but one thing that seems to drive the creation of a humanoid type robot is that people care more about something when it looks similar to humans.Scientists have so far brought us the Asimo, the Honda developed space suit looking robot. Probably the most famous bot, it is a cheerful and endearing little thing with an innocent look, that can walk, run and perform basic tasks. Other robots have been made like the pole dancing double act, lady bots, that can be bought for $39,500 and the slightly scary suit testing robot Petman. The anthropomorphic robot designed for testing chemical protection clothing, with its realistic human movements and simulated human physiology such as controlling temperature, humidity and sweating. Interacting humanoid robots also exist, such as Actriod, it can function autonomously, talking and gesturing with people. It knows sign language, such as “point” or “swing”, that automatically adapts to the position of the speaker.However Current robots designed over the last few years to match human capability still need a lot of work, but they could become a day to day reality sooner than we think. Some are predicting that robots of all types could fully replace humans by 2045.
So, at some point in the future, we are all more than likely going to be existing in a world were humans and robots live side by side. But will that future be peacefully, or are we setting our selves up for some sort of Terminator style robocalpse.

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Asimo Program Stream-Centar za promociju nauke
Binary Code – Videvo
Neuron-Oliver Konow
Petman Tests Camo – Boston Dynamics
Pole dancing robot – Caroline Hyde
Speaking Robot – THE AGE OF ROBOTS – Massimo Brega
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Outro – Hurry Up -Kevin Macleod Incomptech
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Geek In utopia says:

How about instead of building advanced artificial intelligence, we find ways to cyborg ourselves up? These cybernetic alterations would enable us to live for hundreds or thousands of years (possibly become immortal ), space travel would be easier, etc.

BerSerK✔️ says:

Wdym better then human we invented the robot so basically we are better btw I rather died then be a robot

Dammn Deejay says:

Stupid. Stupid scientist always wanna run humans outta jobs. Look, nobody really need a fully fledged robot around. That's why PEOPLE exist. Why make humanoids?? Why give these things intelligence? We're stupid if we make them smarter. If humans can kill people, why wouldn't a robot? Especially if it's programmed by human. If a robot killed somebody will it be considered murder or a "malfunction" and would murder only apply to humans? Why would anybody want to create something that could potentially knock us off the top of the fucking food chain?

Jemil Christian G. Jolindon says:

Remember: no one will build this except human, so dont say that that robot will be more smarter and better than us. And of course they cannot make another robot except/without humans

Solitary says:

Hopefully I'll be dead the day humans create A.I Machines. You seen the animatrix, fuck that.

The Death says:

I think the best way is to create a robot without aware, because if he is aware, he can disobey your orders and kill if his existence is threatened. This is what I think.

The Doofus Network says:

That giant Chinese computer is impressive, but can it play minecraft ?

Golden GamerGG says:

i would love to be a robot am a piece of shit

phonia martin says:

Obviously they are smart but what about us when they take over our jobs how will we survive that is being lazy you people just don't love to give people their money

HyouMix ! says:

There's An Positive and Negative Things About Robot, Maybe in the future they're want to destroy Human Population Or Something else,Anyway, I Hate Robot,They face Scary As Hell

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