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Over the last decade, professional sports has become more and more data-driven, and today with the help of AI, it’s changing everything about the game, from the way players are drafted to inventing entirely new sports.

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Mr O says:

Dude, what is with the fucking musac in the background?!?? Why do good channels do this?

Hakan Dances says:

I realize this was a sponsored video, but any discussion about robotic sports without mentioning the RoboCup is missing a lot. The goal is to have a team of robots that can compete against a World Cup Soccer team. It also has a lot of outreach, with leagues for everyone from elementary school to university. It is a group that has helped show students the value of STEM classes. And helped people build skills that will be useful in a more robotic future.

Etagz. Net says:

Damn you Joe…. since I found your channel I cant stop watching.

Rofl890 says:

I thought you were going to say that that car was designed by an AI, cause it kinda looks like it was

Excavator Nicholas says:

Sounds less like A.I. and more like advanced regular programs.

Junk Male says:

But muh gas pedal?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

*throws a fit like a 2yo

QuickScythe says:

Would never have clicked on this link without that thumbnail lol, not a sports fan so I would have totally voluntarily missed this treasure

giaiaspirit says:

Cyber formula? an old old anime is becoming real?!?!

Mellissa Dalby says:

When an AI instance asks the question "Why?", is the moment of greatest concern for the future of humanity. That is when we will begin to see some serious shit!

kitesurfer woohoo says:

ohh i see it now- transformer races and end of big truck madness- the trucks and cars are autobots cheering the crowd

Texas Buzzard says:

Roborace sounds terrible

Jamie McEwan says:

I've said that the future of F1 should be tied to this. If the F1 manufacturers want to prove their technical excellence to the rest of the world they should enter this. That leaves us with F1 being an actual sport where it's a competition to see who's the best driver rather than who has the biggest budget.

Ian Manion says:


Levi Landes says:

This is a terrible idea, in a robotic car, the machinery would be all that matters. With driver skill taken out of the equation I'd be very surprised if the position of the cars changed at all.

Barry Howard says:

AI warfare is one of the scariest things I can think of.


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