Google Duplex A.I. – How Does it Work?

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In this video we take a look at Google’s Duplex Assistant extension and how it works.
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Full Duplex Talk:

Passing narrow-scope Turing Test:

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ColdFusion says:

For those of you wondering how the hairdresser knew that the client's name was Lisa – I edited out some of the original conversation to save time (though now I see how it could be seen as confusing). In the original conversation, the hairdresser asked who the appointment was for and what kind of haircut they wanted, to which duplex replied "Lisa" and "Just a woman's haircut for now."
Original conversation is in the description below.

Anonymously Invested says:

subscribe for shitty stock market videos

Ruslan Mamedaliyev says:

People working on phones
Be ready to lose ur iobs


Microsoft, apple, Facebook is writing down about duplix so they can copy

A Kam says:

When AIs go through puberty.

bruchpilot747 says:

"this video was made with duplex"
Fuck that scared me.
You can't pull such jokes on me. Duplex is as fascinating as scary as it is already 😀

Friend says:

Aw yeah, that "Oh my gawd Coldfusion made a video about something that I considered harmless till now" shiver.

dyneol says:

"They took our jobs" of course they will. It doesn't matter. We finally have to embrace the fruits of our inventions as a species. There is a reason Washing machines exist. It's a good thing. We simply have to redefine the meaning of 'work'. Why should the ultimate goal for everyone be random unfulfilling work 8 hours a day ? Redistribute, enjoy life. No ?

That being said, I don't think we need conversation bots … but natural interaction via voice with our creations is pretty cool. 😉

Jb Abergido says:

its getting closer for what the movie titled "HER" is going, please watch that movie its really cool

Brian Jackson says:

This tech is not necessary. It will make lazy people more lazy. If you cant make your own calls for info or appointments, you have bigger issues. Only the dumb are impressed.

Lintassimilator says:


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