Google Buys Scary Military Robot Maker

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Google has purchased the cutting-edge robotics firm which supplies mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The tech giant is keeping secret what it will produce with the acquired technology.

Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that designs robots like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat, and Atlas, is now the eighth robotic company to join Google’s ranks in the last six months, the company confirmed Friday, according to The New York Times.

The robotics company – based in Waltham, Massachusetts – is known for its fascinating robots that have a sense of balance and can walk and run on almost any kind of terrain. Boston Dynamics was established in 1992 and is known for supplying robotics technology mostly for Pentagon clients, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Google has so far refused to reveal what it is planning to do with the new technology, but the internet giant’s robotic efforts, headed by Andy Rubin, will certainly have impressive capability due to the new acquisition. The company also said it will keep the financial aspect of the deal confidential.

The tech giant said that it intends to honor the existing military contracts the firm has, but does not plan to become a military contractor.
As of now, Boston Dynamics has a $10.8 million contract with DARPA to supply several humanoid Atlas robots. The machines are set to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, which awards the winning maker with a $2 million prize. The contest evaluates robots’ ability to function during natural disasters and catastrophes such as an earthquake or a nuclear power meltdown. The company’s robots are famous for their abilities to walk through terrain which is difficult even for humans. One of its four-legged robots, BigDog, can climb hills, walk through snow, travel through ice, and remain standing even after being kicked by a human, according to a video of the robot released in 2008. One of the company’s recent creations is WildCat, a four-legged outdoor runner capable of rising, turning, and reaching running speeds of up to 16 miles per hour (mph) on flat ground. The robotics firm has also designed robots that can climb walls and trees, as well as run faster than any human being on earth. A video recorded the Cheetah robot running 29mph faster than the fastest human, Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprinter’s top speed is 27.78 mph (44.7km/h). Other robotics companies purchased by Google are based in the US and Japan, and focus on software for advanced robotic arms, grasping technology, and computer vision.


42:Facts,Trivia And More says:

Is Petman the Pyro?

Eurandi Corvello Antunes de Oliveira says:

this is not scary, this os beautiful ….

ruhul amin says:

petman is scary af!

Keaton McMahon says:

could you put some one one it to ride it?

청고추 says:

첫번째 나온거 소음이 넘 심하네 저걸로 머하자는거임

Little Sea Outpost says:

that "Petman" in tethered to the top with FOUR steel cables so they can keep it stray up or it will fall. That's not an accomplishment.

razmik simonyan says:

Google can become the next sky-net. It has all the necessary resources for it.

g.w park says:

존나 시끄럽다

American Spy says:

The Wildcat. What kind of engine does it have?

Paula M says:

This is some sick shit. Why do we need this crap?

carlos zerbinatti says:

we have to develop an weapon to fight against this treat

Emmaline P. says:

I swear the world will become the movie iRobot….

inconceivabledark says:

This sort of technology, in the hands of Google!?……..oh hell no……

RelaxOnly says:

That petman looks like pyro from team fortress 2

F. Tafakori says:

Expensive joke

The Ghosts says:

Whats next I giant tank in the shape of a spider wink*wink

The Ghosts says:

What's a giant tank in the shape of a spider wink wink

Loutermilch says:

this is like a horror horizon zero dawn

Apollo says:

Definitely not stealthy. Sounds like a damn lawn mower.

Azan Khan says:

terminator movies have been warning us is what i feel. welcome to the real Skynet… and the elite will totally use this to further their nwo agenda…

Dave Nicholson says:

what's the point of making something that can walk like a dog and run like a dog you may as well stick bloody wheels on it and be done with it.

T B says:

As soon as the take all the guns from the citizens look forward to these things on every street corner

Howie Shea says:

what a joke, especially the guy in coveralls.

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