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Robots are coming of age. As part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Lockheed Martin is developing autonomous systems that work together with human operators. This collaborative approach applies across many platforms and domain. Our research will eventually allow humans to be more efficient and effective in challenging environments that are difficult or too dangerous to access today.



shingo shogi says:

Whatever Hoare

Алекс В says:

Не лохидовцы я вас уважаю но с дарпа дел иметь бы вам не рекомендовал полные дауны

Emmanuel Ponce says:

use the jet engine platform for a lung system,simple mount the jets in the chest,the chest is a gyrostabilizer along with a compression system for a high air pressure stabilizer.the hands ,legs etc are hydraulic and band,band for the contraction hydraulic for the counter contraction…

tuang hui yi says:

I hate the drone plane and the AI system!

John Shiva says:

Did they say "Atlas is at the bleeding edge" @  0:10 ? I believe the expression is the "Leading edge", unless the bleeding is something they aren't telling us. lol

The FreakGamer says:

guys be carefull. the invasion of the robots is coming!!! xD

Anirudh Agarwal says:

yay! ubuntu

MayorMcCheese78 says:

Are these pleasure robots?

Fernando Salazar says:

Lol that giant inflexible head and heavy head just ruins the robot itself, why not add a brain with two processors as big as each side of the head, with Ram and storage all together, like a real human brain.

Abbrahan says:

I like how they never once verbally mentioned Boston Dynamics. The creators of Atlas.

Jon Car says:

Hello terminator 

Memesicle says:

So this is how Metal Gear came from 😛

James Burt says:

The next step is to find a kid like Zuckerberg and create a myth that he came up with this in a garage. . .

humexavier1 says:

Love future of Laser computing in future? Thinking that someday laser pulses or beats could be counted and used as input and output inside processor circuits, is not science fiction, it some day could be better than circuit board ones and zeros. A Laser matrix circuit board can interact with each processor differently. One laser pulse aims at forth processor, While second laser aims at third processor. Then first laser processor aims at first. Instant laser type matrix. This could produces more complex random numbers in processor. Some how if Laser circuit board processors could be levitated free from all gravity maybe less static electricity. Not enough research has be given on laser pulses, a computer can turn laser pulse patterns into computer data can't it.

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