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Adel Hijazie says:

Could this be handheld

Shaded Zaleph says:

This song seems better suited for this video honestly

jrootabega says:

Cover your walls in denim and you'll be safe?

Make N Joy says:

Now why exactly does this not just go through the person too?

bigmuchknow says:

was it filmed with a potato?

Stepan Khukharev says:

Wow they have discovered radar! Oh, wait…

Marco Comar says:

It is very similar to the device that Bruce Wayne has developed in the dark knight!

vlmikh says:

очень круто!

sweet serenity says:

sure theres more advanced technology than this..

sanakassara says:

Fuck you MIT for making humanity a bit more miserable – again. Walls have a purpose and people value their privacy.

Tillmann Huebner says:

wonder why there is no real video of that technic just still images

IXeRios says:

I think that's a bullshit, how does it work? We need more detailed description, the information you have given is insufficient. Under your principle of action falls, such as echolocation

futebolcapixabatv says:

goodbye masturbation

johneygd says:

But it could be also done with infrared and boutouch.

JP says:

We saw the DARPA aimbot bullet a while ago, now the MIT wallhack. We are only missing godmode to have an army of invincible hackers.

Artyom Galstyan says:

Interesting, but not yet applicable

Dariusz Chabowski says:

szok jak w filmie Predator

ItsonFire911 says:

Perfect Dark's FarSight XR-20 tech coming to life.

dIsAstErTR says:

Sam Fisher already has this.

Clint Webb says:

Skynet will love this.

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