Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot

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The quadrupedal pack robot from Boston Dynamics, designed for military use.


ForsakenMoon YT says:

Thats creepy…

GoldenYoshi 119 says:

THAT'S SO FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Oya Reboot says:

I didn't realize it was so big. Any info on how much processing power is needed to keep it upright?

pancake fox says:

it may be loud in battle but i think anyone would run like hell if they saw this thing coming at them

hui yin yap says:

I want to have it run next to me . It will be perfect if They can
do Sth with the noise .

akapdcdaka says:

Looks like something outta MGS.

Ozymandias says:


booby says:


CFHoneyBadger says:

That buzzing sound is disconcerting…

Chelsa Cunningham says:

Humans are so dumb building these products jus to be replaced by them don't you all get it there gonna kill us and all these machines ur building will kill and replace u THINK AMERICA

Raptor306090 says:

I hope the final military production model is silent and not loud like the ones that were in this video. talk about giving away your position.

Miagolio Maxwell says:

This thing is just adorable.

John Doe says:

sound it makes -> AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAaaaAAAaaa…..AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAaaaAAAaaa….

gdsmith27 says:

Let's hope the robots don't one day decide to kick back.

Fernando psy says:

wooow está genial… pero sería mejor si no hiciera ruido

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