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Today Bill Gates gave an interview to Bloomberg and among other things talked about Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying he built great electric cars with quality and compared him to Steve Jobs per reporter’s request.

It was only three days ago that Elon Musk answering a Tweeter question about Bill Gate’s blog – in which he talked about electric cars without mentioning Tesla and suggested that Tesla Semi will not work (again without mentioning it by name) said, “He has no clue.” Now Bill Gates talked about Elon Musk and spoke more gracefully. It’s laudable and credible.

“The fact that Elon Musk and others did a great electric car is a huge contribution to the climate change effort. He did it with quality. It’s still a little premium-priced, but he’s got that initial market, and that market’s going to grow, and other car companies, seeing his success, will come in. The question of what’s the profit per car and what’s the market share of Tesla, that’s for stock people. That’s not a climate change issue at all. The difficulty on the other areas is much higher. I’m not trivializing in any way the need to raise the market share of EVs, but on a relative basis, that’s far easier than the industrial economy, where our progress is very small. We are grossly underinvested in these hard areas,” Gates said to Erik Schatzker for Bloomberg Green.

Bloomberg’s reporter also asked if Elon Musk is the new Steve Jobs. To that question, Bill Gates answered in the following manner.

“If you know people personally, that kind of gross oversimplification seems strange. Elon’s more of a hands-on engineer. Steve was a genius at design and picking people and marketing. You wouldn’t walk into a room and confuse them with each other.”

That was the part about Elon Musk in the entire interview. As you can see Gates didn’t refer anything to Elon’s previous tweet and he did it right.

But before this section of the interview Gates talked about energy and electric vehicles, about which I talk extensively in this report.


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I.A. Woien says:

Bill Gates may be a great programmer and moneyhoarder, but he don't have much else to throw on the table.

r pap says:

There are too many poor folks in the world to pay for an over priced toy….electric car…!

Janice Murphy says:

Elon musk comments on vaccine shots for corona should be reviewed, however he has the ability to get the best healthcare if necessary. So getting a shot if possible to prevent the virus may save your life. I know it's not about this topic his advice on electric cars is correct. But not getting a shot to prevent coronavirus is questionable. Awm

Maria herradi says:

Solar and electric power are a good alternative, but it has to be established before breaking the actual system .Elon is a genius in his field . Why Gates is trying to rule on everything , who elected him for this role ?

Smith Joseph says:

Elon should ignore that guys comments because gates seems a little behind in musk's tech

Draxie says:

1:55 Gill Bates

Leopoldo888 says:

Bloomberg "HATES" Tesla from day one (of course it's not "Natural Human Hate" but a business thing), and each time they refer to Tesla, even when they are "neutral" they insert some way of lowering it's value. They put Tesla in the same box with Nicola! that has proved to be an scam, as if both are more or less "the same thing".

Ivica Ivan Zeljko says:

Gates is only interested in wealth, political power and building his own Gates legacy. Any benefit to humane society is just side product, secondary or better to put it, axle of his wealth making machine.
Musk is doing everything for the benefit of humanity and future of humane race and planet. That's why he was always willing to sacrifice his own wealth. He stated all of this many times in various interviews. His passion and vision towards better world was directly inspired by N.Tesla but he learned a lot from Edison's life work how to put all those ideas, visions into the real world through innovative manufacturing technology and understanding market economy.

Tod Jones says:

The fraud of man-made climate change is being trafficked by Gates and Musk. If Musk was honest, he'd be putting his energy and genus into Thorium LFTR technology rather than solar panels. Its about the $$$$$ so like Gates, he's after the billions.

redmeat4vegans says:

Assuming that people smart in one area are smart in all areas is a common mistake. And then we have what looks like a misunderstanding from what was reported to have been said or implied.
I find it interesting that Gates what will happen or is happening – when he cannot possibly know. It would be better if he said 'he believes'. But then, that is probably not what the interviewer wanted or most of the consumers of the interview want.
Uncertainty about the future is a fact of life. NO ONE can predict what will happen. Better to say what you know to be currently true and what you believe will happen.

I would bet on Musk on the team of very smart, capable people he has at his different companies. He is not the type of driven person Jobs was, and is more of an engineer. And, personally – being an engineer – I think that more business people should be more like that. Do the tests, and let the results take you from there. Do not hyper-focus on the 'plan' other than to keep the end result in mind.

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