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BigDog ready for battle.



Thekais Tzar says:

I was expecting it to fire a 50 Cal, but this is much better.

Randy McChunderNubs says:

take it to spain and make it bullfight!


I never thought a professional robotics company would start shitposting

Paul Smith says:

But can I ride it?

killafocker says:

Wrong weapon

mrbigtian says:

terminator's baby video.

Director Hotdog says:

"Weaponized"? You call putting bull horns on a robot weaponizing it? Oh, you just wait until they put a rocket launcher on its back.

Егор Лапин says:


Stefan Schievink says:

2009, now 8 years later and they still havent used it in the military :/

DBHMedia says:

who cares if they put a gun on a robot? Grow up for real

TrapRockTransportation#2002Fan55 says:

it be better if the horns were on a wildcat

YOU SSH says:

hugh…. toros, the thing i hate the most about my country…

William Herron says:

We're done bye humans

kandh555 says:

best thing I've seen today

Honk if you love butts says:

And this is how the robot revolution begins.

MechaBlaze says:

Nice to see that Boston Dynamics has a sense of humor

Asael Fajardo says:


Baz_Man_03 says:

Well, they have stopped the robot from stumbling around like a calf, but now make it a really slow bull. Sorry Boston Dynamics, but i am not going to pay to see a guy fighting a (slow) robot bull. This is still pretty cool though!

Gus Abbott says:

Whe I saw weaponized I thought like actual weapons not horns

life says:

instead of bigdog it's bulldog

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