Artificial Intelligence Startups | you must know in 2020

Artificial Intelligence startups which are working to build the better tomorrow

00:37 First Ai Startup is Tempus
01:07 Second AI Company is DataRobot
01:34 Third AI Startup is Narrative Science
01:57 Fourth AI Startup is AlphaScience (ony fintech in my list)
02:23 Fifth AI startup in my list is Clarifai
02:46 Sixth in my list is Nuerala

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so from google to amazon and from facebook to microsoft all tech companies want to change and want to implement Artificial intelligence in every field

we are using AI daily in our life which can be in the form of siri or in the form of alexa

there are still many AI revolutionary change like self drving cars which are not in our limits

but in this video we has have a list of 10 AI startups which are powered by AI and they are changing the world

so here we go

and the first in my list is Tempus

this is a Healthtech, Biotech, Big Data company and there office is located in chicago

Tempus uses AI to gather and analyze massive pools of medical and clinical data at scale. The company, with the assistance of AI, provides precision medicine that personalizes and optimizes treatments to each individual’s specific health needs; relying on everything from genetic makeup to past medical history to diagnose and treat. Tempus is currently focusing on using AI to create breakthroughs in cancer research.

the second in the list is


this is a Big Data and Software company

and its office is located in Boston

DataRobot provides data scientists with a platform for building and deploying machine learning models. The software helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data. DataRobot’s tech is used in healthcare, fintech, insurance, manufacturing, and even sports analytics.

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