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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge dream and vision for all mankind, and makes up a major part of most popular science fiction. John McCarthy coined the term in 1955 as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Today, many notable companies have their stakes set on this technology, making AI a part of our everyday lives, e.g. Speech Recognition, Machine learning, Recommendation Systems and Personal Assistants. The ongoing global digital revolution, the unfailingly valid Moore’s Law, the Internet of Things and overall prevalent subject of Big Data, gives us the impression that creating “real” artificial intelligence is closer than ever before in history. AI has become “sexy” again. Besides large amounts of money flowing into the field of AI, numerous publications focus on the topic, AI shows up in our daily newsfeeds, and is already an integral part of most of our gadgets.

However, what would be the implications if a company could create “strong and real” AI? How would this influence our society and our jobs? Will it get smarter day by day? Would we be able to control a technical system of this nature?

Stefan Wess is a Researcher and Entrepreneur. He holds his PhD in Computer Science and is a highly recognized technology industry veteran with multinational front-line technology and scientific leadership experience. Stefan has written and published numerous books and articles on Artificial Intelligence. His professional career includes several Executive positions in international companies. As CEO of Empolis Information Management a Germany based IT company, he is still fascinated and excited how technology transforms our lives, the society and finally mankind.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


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Dutch Flats says:

Are we already too late to effect the direction of technological advancement? It seems to me as if it's inevitable that humans will create their own downfall through hubris and unbridled ambition. We need to step back immediately and understand this problem fully before the situation becomes irreversible.

Cathy Allen says:

If we don't want our nightmares to come true then we shouldn't have taught them to play competitive games and war games or placed them in drones or had them download all of Wikipedia so they wouldn't be as intellectually and morally confused as so many humans are.

ThE BeSt ! says:

Western and Eastern cultures are a junky and technology is there fix! I don't think either culture understands the concept of stop !

No stop ! ?

circusboy90210 says:

Watson did not win at jeopardy because it was smart. It won't because it you all the answers. That's not hard to do. The blue did not be Casper off at chess because it was good at chess it be cast Roth of view times because it guessed

circusboy90210 says:

No normal person ever want to be a policeman

jo-jo volkswagen says:

Since you make the segment customer by the segment product, of course ….. anyone can get the product that you provide or plan very well …. we are not the producer , what can we do?

Ankit Chopda says:

Is it just me or is there someone else who loves the confidence of this guy… he stammers a few times but keeps on going so well… its a great talk…!!!

BelieveInPeople121 says:

one of the best ads;

Gloucester brothers and sisters says:

I gotta say it as it is .. your not clever .. your average . we all are .. itqhar distingusges us is whoa we fall .. and rise again ..

Romarain says:

Intelligence and consciousness are two connected things, that "artificial" made won't solve. Both are nested in the dualistic matter of this Universe throught our brain, and we have to understand us. We certainly don't need to waste our time neither our economy in stupid projects that won't solve anything, neither need to teleport ourselves in a so-called "better body" when we can NOW think, learn, and change. Plus, the unique goal is to live, to experience and to share, and we're yet made for this, and no artificial body won't change this purpose.

Romarain says:

AI is a nightmare, because it's pure uselessness made by stupid people who don't even use more than 10% of their brain, are unable to live together correctly, are ptetentious and chasing pretention in every mouth that would speak louder than the group, and who don't want to change themselves but are fascinating in robotics like kids with LEGOs as if they were understanding something about themselves. While in fact, they don't give a shit about psychology and listening a few people that would be smarter than them and telling them about their violence and stupidity. It's just a forward escape…

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