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If you want to add biometric security features to your Arduino projects, an easy way to do so, is to add a fingerprint sensor module to it. In this video we demonstrate how easy to use a fingerprint sensor with an Arduino Nano and a small display.

I always wanted to try a fingerprint sensor module in order to learn more about its technology and use it in some of my projects in order to add biometric security to them. While searching for a nice and low cost sensor, I discovered this sensor module on The sensor costs around 30$ and you can find a link for it in the description of the video. was kind enough to send a sample unit in order to test it and share my opinion about it with you.


Fingerprint Sensor:

Arduino Nano:

1.44 Color TFT:

Small Breadboard:

Jumper Wires:

Power bank Xiaomi:

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The fingerprint sensor module is small, and nicely built and it uses some advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips inside. The sensor works like this. It is an optical sensor, which means it analyzes the photo of a finger. It then renders the image, makes some calculations, finds the features of that finger and then searches in its memory for a fingerprint with the same characteristics. It can achieve all that in less than a second! This module can store up to 1000 fingerprints in its memory and its false acceptance rate is less than 0.001% which makes it pretty secure! Great! We get all that in a very easy to use module and with very low cost! It is a really impressive technology!

In order to demonstrate a simple use of the sensor a built this simple project. I have hooked up the sensor to an Arduino Nano, and I also use the small but very fast 1.44 inch color TFT display. The project asks for a valid fingerprint in order to unlock. When I place my finger on the sensor, it recognizes my finger, turns the fingerprint icon green and it welcomes me. If my girlfriend places her finger on the sensor, it also recognizes her, and displays a welcome message with her name. If I place another finger on the sensor, the project does not unlock the screen. It works fine and you are going to see, you can build this project in less than 10 minutes! Let’s see how to achieve that!



Fingerprint Sensor with Arduino

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Karl Dyangco says:

Do you have to change your codes if you change the TFT monitor module??

nandu sai says:

i want like three projects on only 7'' touch battery voltage,speed meter,and fingerprint enroll….
please do it sir….

abed itani says:

perfect . can you add a time register for (in/out time ) and in/out/scan 3bottom?

Luke O'Donnell says:

i only get a white screen on this module, but sometimes the fingerprint image pops up for a few seconds, then it goes back to white. Any ideas?

dipmansinh vaghela says:

hello i order parts for this project but insted of 1.44 i ordered 1.8 inch tft LCD display can anybody help me with that howto run that display ?

massimo cingolo says:

Great!!! Can i open a 12 V door After login ? Eh ere i connect The door cable?

captainven says:

can i use diferrent Arduino board (Arduino uno r3) will it work if i use the same code that you use for Arduino nano

Arluxman says:

very good, thank's

Nee Nico says:

Does this still work if you don't connect the display

Sagar Saha says:

How do I add multiple fingerprints?

Jonas says:

if I reset the arduino, will my finger still be recognized?

Hadassah May Manusa says:

Hi sir, Good Day! I am Hadassah from Philippines, and we have this capstone project in our school . we don't know how to program the scanner to Arduino, we ask our adviser bad sad to say, he don't know how,. sir I am looking forward to your response. thank you very much.

pritam sarkar says:

Hi .. i made this project .. but i use a 1.44 tft module.. now i am faceing a problem with tft .. the problem is that the screen is not fully covered.. display not showing from the top, instead of that it shifted downword 2 cm from the the end portion cannot show programme and it is missing.. can u pls help me frnd..

pritam sarkar says:

Why u do not use nokia 5110 display in this project?? Is there any matter on power consumption??

AEE Tech says:

Thank you sir….for sharing your knlowdge with us…

Zeeshan Mehmood says:


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