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Get smarter at any age! If you’ve ever wanted to have a sharper mind with greater focus, better memory, more patient, creativity and resilience, then this interview with Dr. Michael Merzenich, the “father of brain plasticity” is for you!

Learn how to exercise your mind and get it sharper than ever.

Learn how to keep your mind strong into your golden years, and for seniors, how you can roll back the clock, and get a smarter brain at any age. And for parents, key tips to help your kids grow up smarter, and more engaged than ever!

Dr. Michael Merzenich is the pioneer in brain plasticity, or the ability to change the brain. According to him, the brain is not fixed as we’ve been taught, but can work better if we work on it. And not just a little, but huge changes. This means you could change careers, become an entrepreneur, or a singer, or do something completely outside your comfort zone and brain-power if you want. You can change your mind to be able to do anything.

Your IQ is not fixed. Your memory is not fixed. And you do not need to lose brain cells or get fuzzy-brained as you age. As he says “The brain is plastic till you die. You cannot kill it until you die. It is the greatest trick. We all have the capacity to be greater and get stronger.”

In this interview he suggests ways to make your brain stronger.

It’s an especially important interview for seniors, for parents, kids, and for returning veterans. For parents he discusses ways to increase children’s intelligence, and the dangers, and benefits of their technology. For seniors, he discusses ways to prevent trips, falls, hip fractures, and other potentially life-threatening injuries, through specific brain strategies.

And for all of us, he shows how we can enrich our lives by having sharper, more resilient, and smarter minds.

Deepak Chopra often talks about strengthening your brain. Wayne Dyer’s discussed it. Tony Robbins talks about NLP. And Dr. Michael Merzenich helps you life muscles with the mind, simply and easily, to give you the super-powered brain you always wished you had!

Lastly, as someone who has met the Dalai Lama several times, Dr. Merzenich discusses ways we can use our minds to increase compassion, kindness, happiness, and joy. These are things we could all use more of!!!

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Michael Sandler's Inspire Nation says:

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John Wolf says:

Your laugh says your really smart! 😂

Anthony King says:

Do you can get in Spanish?

Joey Marino says:

Thank you Dr. Merzenich for the BrainHQ …you can get as an APP! IT is genius!… It is like weight training for the mind!!! I have made vast improvements in 3 weeks… I will train on it for life💙💪🏻🧠🎨

Kathleen Ritchie says:

Oh what a lovely man! Gonna adopt yous both lol! This relates to these times too. Really enjoyed listening. Taking my grandson out tomoro into nature. We have such a great time! Thank you! K

Majid Showghi says:

I enjoyed it. Thank you

ครูไท สอนภาษาอังกฤษ says:

I love when you said, in the introduction part… there's still hope!

William Wells says:

What about dimentia?

Nawar Naaoom says:

When someone with depression need medication but with medicine needs exercise

addis kebede says:

where was i in 2015? This is an amazing interview with Dr. Merzenich!!! what an insane world though ,it has only few views while one useless music video hits millions.

Saved by the bliss says:

Can I make my brain smarter and stay dumb myself?

Squirrel Attackspidy says:

You are cleared for landing.

Anders Jonsson says:

Thanks for a Great Video which will help all of us to take care of are brain and get a better life!
Nice to hear that the food we eat also can help the brain!
I think that the sort of the food we eat are soo important for body and brain!
I eat vegetables and fish and only 300 gram meat/week and try to avoid as many toxins as possible!
The body has the Vagusnerve on both sides to communicate from stomack and brain both ways!

SZB sweatz says:

sum up points anyone

Jana Matheson says:

Relax guys. Michael, keep brushing your teeth the way you always did. Too much anxiety-driven advice for me on this foggy Friday morning.

mica onyx says:

Very good info. I enjoy watching your videos because you have such a unique laugh and just seems like a positive person.

Aida φ says:

"It's all about choosing forward." 🙂

A Y says:

Amazing video! How beautifully and simply Dr. Michael explained such significant concepts to improve our day to day life! Woww! The way Michael Sandler conducted the interview was too good! God bless you guys!

Michael Sandler's Inspire Nation says:

Want more from Inspire Nation? Support the show & Get a Backstage Pass!

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Robert Redfern says:

Keep em coming, better still invite me.

Martin Shadbolt says:

So awesome and inspiring, thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

Dan Guerriero says:

The Dr. is great the interviewer could tone it down if he did he would be very good.

Aspire to Inspire Others says:

Willfully thankful to you both, Mr. Mike and Mr.Michael! Your discussion progressively became more interesting esp at 20th minutes onwards…on being mindful, intentionally effective parents to raise productive and healthier new generations plus being personally conscious of our brain plasticity for growth no matter what age. Embrace complexity as brain food & enjoy nature.Live life in a richer form. Wholistically exercise your brain, body and emotions. Aim to do things better where you're good at.. that are valuable to you in the long run. Giving a reward to somebody as a form of rewarding yourself is such a wonderful idea..being a deliverer of kindness. Beware of what you think. Be mindful. Be fruitful at an early age. You both have sown good seeds that I look forward to nurture and feed others with. Again, Thanks much & blessings to you both and your families. – AHA, 8/28/17

Tom Ellsworth says:

your audio is popping fuck

Anthon Deutsch says:

Great guest, very smart, very enjoyable interview and of course I learned a lot, thank you.

Doni Kuntoro says:

This is what i'm looking…..

Carl Castro says:

Тhe shоoсking ‘triсk’ thааааt bоosts brаin pрроwеr

Sareen.A.Kadkade says:

Great interview! Thanks for the upload.

Joanna Cabunce says:

thank you for the interviews u are doing 😇

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