Windows Vista Speech Recognition

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Microsoft demos the new speech recognition in Vista. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite go to plan…
Of course this was a long time ago, Vista’s fine today. As are Mac and Linux; to each his own.


ArwinVD says:

YouTube automatic subtitles likes this.

DevilMaster says:

The speaker has an American accent. The program recognizes a British accent.

Arancaytar Ilyaran says:

Hard to imagine this was just over a decade ago.

JD Matt175 says:

Who's watching in December 2017

itzblueberry AUTTP says:

OSfirst timer anyone?

Alin Gheaja says:

dewete that dewete that

Danika Sidoti says:

Bill Gates: "That must be why we're not shipping Windows Vista yet!"
Steve Ballmer: "Absolutely, absolutely!"

skip982 says:

This feature is on OSX as well and it sometimes craps out like that.

Runewolf 77 says:

it's not too bad. if you're sad or bored and need a good laugh, you can always talk gibberish and see what goofy sentence it will type.

Xproject187 says:

The version used in the 2006 "Financial Analyst Meeting Demonstration' & the version released to the general public in 2007(Vista),were 2 completely different versions,in that the version used during Microsoft's demonstration contained a "Software-Bug" which was fixed prior to M$ releasing Vista to the general public in 2007..

In short,any comparison between the two is void,however,you're rite in saying ,"the techie had the mic volume waaay to high". Thanks for your insight.

Lance Decena says:

The Speech Recognition was on beta stage (Vista build 5472, July 19th 2006) and it malfunctioned by writing Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all. It was also because of ambient noise in the background, but it was all fixed on Build 6000 (final release of Windows Vista).

SirAugwich says:

Wow, what an asshat that reporter is being.

_ says:

do eat that

Santiago Jimenez says:

Thats too bad… i actually used vista's voice recognition back then, and i have to say it was pretty good, but unfortunately the techie who got to present it had the mic volume waaay to high, you can see it in the picture, and he was probably using a cheap headset too… echo was the least of his problems (but, nonetheless, affected the performance as well)

TrooperTrashy says:


Stavaana says:

thank you i been meaning to see that

Carlos Osuna says:

Hindsight is awesome. Poor video submitter posted something today's seen as an improbability:

"Of course this was a long time ago, Vista's fine today."

Yeah right. After what Service Pack? 80?

Matthew Neathery says:

this was funny as hell and weird!
And i know why it failed because if you look close enough
at the bar on the program the mic is too loud!

Open Source Tutorials says:

I don't think human mouths are supposed to be as wide as hers was at the end

Indigo says:

for me this work cleary

Martoes says:

Fuck mine country doesnt have it built in. FML

pds314159 says:

did you say: "activate self-destruct sequence, authorization picard beta-6?"
activating self destruct sequence for 15 seconds.

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