Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested – Perl Scripting

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I’ll stick to the keyboard


Chetan Naik says:

As hilarious as the effect of the tiny delay is, its recognition is genuinely impressive, even by today's standards. Was this truly part of Vista, or is this a joke video?

Joaquín Ferrero says:


Phaneesh says:

i'm dead

yusefdoodie says:

Shoutouts to WWDC.

Philipp R says:

This is still funny as hell.

Raelexx says:

i just pi**ed myself laughing

TheOfficialCzex says:

"Delete eagles."


YouTube User says:

You can use macros to make this easier. Alternatively you could train it so that it understands you better. Maybe get a better computer.

Anthony Bowman says:

This is some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while.

Porucznik Borewicz says:

It's pretty amazing.

Test Test says:

how can something fake be funny lol. its clear hes in on the joke

robotparadise says:

Guy: Select All, Delete
Vista: Will Cycle, delete fleet
:: Outside, a fleet of warships suddenly go dark.
Guy: Face Palm

howdj says:

It isn't healthy to live so close to military airports mate, close the window or something.

sarge727 says:

"hold shift"

Ben Addenson says:

The Future is Now

Gino M says:


michael eli says:

I can't make it past the first 2 minutes I'm crying of laughter!! This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

Hobo Joe says:

Every few years, I come back to this video and re-watch.
Kills me every time.
Comedy GOLD

Jaystings says:

I had a Vista. It's an appropriate time to record your screen like this.

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