Will Students Be Taught By Artificial Intelligence?

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You asked for it in the comments, so here it is…this week we’re talking about the future of education! As students across the country are getting ready to go back to school, it’s the perfect time to revisit this topic. So could a new teaching model called “adaptive learning” be the solution we’re looking for? One thing’s for certain, in the future, not only will students learn from computers – computers will learn from students!

What do you think the school of 2050 is going to look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jacqueline Rosenstein says:

Who is the developer and speaker in this video? I'd like to cite the video in my coursework.

StudeApps says:

Nobody should use learning styles in the way referred to in this video. It is simply not true that learning styles are linked to the effectiveness of instruction, that is a myth.

zzman2005 says:

When you are a baby in the future you would have surgery to learn more than anyone before!

TheLazyKey says:

This would solve so many of the problems plaguing our education system today.

Chris East says:

Posted about this on another video before I reached this one, think it was about robots and what kind we would like to make

Tracey Hood says:

I think this is a good idea because struggling kids can really be help out by this future technology

Socks, shoes, and hats says:

Tech is scary. The monsters of the future are tech.

m smith says:

the whole time all i heard was … dun, dun…dun…dun, dun

Snow V says:

Holographic artificial intelligence (HAI) like from halo

Prime Derivative says:

 i really hope in the future everyone feels rapture for science. 

NeonNerd115 says:

Ha stress school is to easy


Ok that's straight up racist bruh

Nick Perugini says:

There will be no schools earth will be fucked!!!

Universal Head says:

You will pay for information to be wired into the brain and stored

DeathByFail says:

my hope: schools will be replaced with a ubiquitous, multi-layered and highly advanced network (internet 3.0) of information that will grant young children a highly personalized, 100% effective learning environment that will immerse them with sensory data and knowledge that is paced perfectly in line with their biological development by employing comprehensive and engaging VR and AR experiences.

the reality: school will generally be not much different, in principle. there will be connected smart screens everywhere, and most classes will be online, but the brain-computer interface will not be as exquisitely ubiquitous as one would hope, rather it will still be in its infancy. society will just be starting to come to grips with the advent of medical longevity of life, and most technology will be viewed with ignorant fear and skepticism. (This, as an avid futurist and trans-humanist, is my prediction.) This will mostly be due to the interference of fundamental religious individuals who will become more proactive in their resistance of technology.

Unbound says:

Maybe amazing education in the future with visual and audio supplementary AR (augmented reality) and creative re-institution of physical fitness intermingled with learning. Maybe practical exercises in a controlled manner in the real world under the supervision of the teacher (maybe involving physical fitness during outdoor excursion while camping – field trip?). And more tangible reports for parents on their kids progress.

lovelycars1 says:

Great stuff. Who made the music that begins right when you begin the final words of the video?

Tai Anderson says:

I'm not in school cause I'm in British Columbia and there is a teachers strike

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