Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Doctors?

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Artificial Intelligence and automation are already starting to replace many jobs across many fields. Are doctors next? It's already starting.

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rayan abu omar says:

Would you believe a lifeless robot telling you that you have cancer and are about to die in a week or so. No exactly.

A. Alh. says:

I mean I would approve if Bay-Max is real

Farewell VHS says:

There is a major fallacy here thinking machines will advance enough to replace doctors WHILE not equally advancing in emotional and conversational / synthetic natural sounding voices to have more enjoyable conversations than people as well, which also will happen and has already begun now in 2019 and society will see a surge over the next few years leading up to 2025-30. While Americans and perhaps Europeans do believe in souls and therefore "lifeless col machines," Asians don't and easily bond with robotic pets and beings because they don't believe in souls like westerners do and so have no problem investing big into medical care automation.

Fire Lord Ozai says:

If they’re gonna take our jobs, we better get free money

Indika Jayasooriya says:

Not doctors
Come on
No one can replace a doctor.

Eunus Mondal says:

yes AI will take over coz AI can work better than human

Master Boss says:

So I can become a doctor but only as a mascot. Great.

I Eye says:

Electric shock would be bad, sky net too I think.

Denise Moore says:

I think I could trust a robot because I had surgery recently a cyst removed from my pancreas and it went well

Dimanjan Dahal says:

A robot doctor of course. Want to save the wallet and taking no risks with errors

Sanjit Singh says:

I think doctors job that involve human connections can not be replaced however a surgeons job on the other hand can and should be replaced

Nein Mehr says:

What people do not realize is that machines are not resistant to error (or I should say failure). Failure is an inevitable occurrence within the world we live. The best we can do is to learn from the failure and adapt to the results from it.

Abraham Davis says:

What about surgeon will it be replaced

][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll] says:

It only sounds horrifying (AI replacing doctors) because of all the stereotyping. The success rate will speak for itself.

][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll] says:

Yes. It will take longer than replacing lawyers (as doctors actually preform more intricate tasks) but rest assured it WILL happen.

Declan Newton-Maharaj says:

In my opinion, white collar jobs and professionals(such as doctors) will never really go away. They will just evolve to either work alongside the robots are oversee them.

Jared Gaymer says:

AI for diagnosis can and will be allot more accurate then humans. There is a reason that we use databases to find links in any base of data. Look at all the odd links that Cambridge analytical found when acquiring Facebook information on millions of users. The association's that no one would have thought of the databases came up with. Associations like most liberals like to listen to X artist. If you apply that same process to medical data imagine the association's that could be created. Perhaps a person who displays a common cold 5 days before coming in to the hospital with a pain in their left side would be Associated to some type of organ failure. The possibilities are endless for computers.

Cringy Youtuber says:

since a human would have to program the robot couldnt the human make a mistake in the coding and so the robot makes mistakes

Quentin Bell says:

Will ai take over the YouTube market?

RC Colorado says:

This was a really good video! Love your work!!!

israelromero3102 says:

I rather have a perfect machine than an imperfect human perform surgery on me.

NiXO says:

Here before you blow up

CS Ghost Animation says:

I'm only seeing 4 videos. What happened to them all?

Shubham Adhikary says:

I'm 17. Should I even bother getting in to med school and going through all the rigors of medical education just to be outsmarted by a robot who can learn the information way faster and better than me ? I like human physiology and think medicine is a good match for me but all this A.I shit makes me wonder if its even worth it? Help

bracco23 says:

Great video, good channel, you got a new subscriber. Some advices:

– Talk slower and clearer. It is quite good as of now, but a little bit more post-editing to make it clearer and a lower words per minute rate would make it much more understandable.
– Stick figure is cute, just sometimes confusing, I would personally prefer a white face instead of a transparent one, especially when you appear on crowded images and the straight arms could move.

Other than that, great work, i'll wait for new notification.

P.S. I know you already know it, but check out CGP Grey. Stick figure crossover?

Charlie Shin says:

nice blade runner track

Ishaq Niz says:

i want only robot doctors humans doctors and greedy basterds

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