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Close brings you a finger + card based Biometric Attendance System Bio1 at a very Affordable price all over India and in various countries of the world.
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Nfees khan says:

Isko hack kese kare Sir

Technical India says:

Time watch machine me
Em lock
Exit switch
How can Attach time watch machine

Leomared Campos says:

Sir is it possible to use an end to end usb cable to connect it directly to PC and download the data by use of portable timekeeper 1.4?

변열라 says:

I use this at work for my server room door lock.>>>   I personally use the fingerprint reader and the others that have access I gave codes to. The logs are easy to access for me to audit access and the finger reader works pretty well for me. I am happy with the lock so far. Its been in place for about 2 months now. Side note….the guys that installed it said it was a very nice lock and built very well. It feels sturdy and seems like it will last in the commercial environment I am using it in.

Singh Bipin says:

How to hack it by card ??

Bhupendra Yadav Yadav says:

Sir school n gye atandence Kaise lagaye

jo jo zx says:

how to hack online attendence

Rinku Chaudhary says:

hello it is possible to know ip address of machine if our software is not working

ONE HP says:

How to hack bio. 1

John Bardalez says:

i'd like to know why my scanner isn't showing the 15 first days of the month

Abhinab Jha says:

what's the cost of the device BIO1 ? From where can it be purchased?

Zeba Talat says:

can i us msg alert system in this machine

Status of mahesh says:

how to set password for attendance

Mohd. Parvej Khan says:

person is signing in or signing out data re

Mohd. Parvej Khan says:

can u explain to day by data lan

Karan Verma says:

Please reply with your email address, so that we can connect and talk business via email.


Jeet Devgun says:

Can u explain how to use the attendance rules option ?

INJES Technology co.,ltd says:

what price did you buy? maybe we are able to offer better price to you. recently we release new USB self service fingerprint time attendance model MYA3 to market, it is 24.98$/pcs only.

Ajay Fernandes says:

How will one know if the person is signing in or signing out?

Nick heseltine says:

does it have battery back up ? what happens if the power is turned off ~?

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