UiPath software robot at work processing invoices in SAP

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UiPath Robot at work – Entering invoice data into SAP.
The robot opens the email, downloads and reads a PDF invoice. It then logs in SAP, enters all the required data and parks the invoice. It then confirms the successful execution and moves the email from the NPO Invoices to the Processed folder.


UTUB NSB says:

How to learn this automation

AvgJoeGat 812 says:

Was this running on the users machine or on a server?

Mahank Patil says:

please help me out for this , can you provide the source code or flow char for the same

Asif Mudnal says:

hello sir i am trying to implement this same this with other form i ma able to save all the pdf with subject name in folder but i want a technique to extract specific data like invoice no, cust id, invoice date etc in one pdf and post that data in form in browser and continue this process with next pdf file please help me how to do this and also if you can send me the xaml file of this above video it will be a pleasure thank you

Marsorry Ickua says:

Impressed! Just attended a conference on this stuff and still quite taken aback at the possibilities.

vinoth kumar says:

how to converted data with in exal sheet?

Vikram Raju says:

This is very good example for entering invoice data into SAP, can you provide us this example for our reference.

Irvin Yip says:

Is it possible to download this sample file? It's a good case for learning the tool.

venky v says:

How to Download Particular Mail Attachment from Selected persons Automatically

CL Zhang says:

an jian jing lin

Tomas Hecht says:

What a shame that UiPath didn't use COM objects for this case. It will look much nicer if the pointer of mouse didn't move….

Bryant Ng says:

Is it possible for us to have a look at the workflow so we can understand how and why some steps are taken and necessary?

santosh chhotaray says:

hi team… I am a ui path developer… I am not able to read PDF data. can u please share this artefact to my mail id santosh.chhotaray01@gmail.com

mgirishfan says:

This was a good example of one invoice.  In reality , a company can have thousands of vendors and each vendor's invoice can look different – although ideally they all include the necessary information – vendor name, invoice number, date, amount, PO number, terms, tax code, etc.  Some even include more info, such as vendor number.  How does the robot 'learn' to recognize the valid data when the format of the document can be different from one document to the next?  In addition, some docs are pdf, others might be Excel, or Word docs.  How does the robot read all of these different doc types and formats?

Black Protocal says:

What was the technique used for extracting data from the pdf. You can extract only from pdf or any format. How about extracting from pdf converted images and straight images.

UiPath says:

UiPath uniquely identifies elements in the User Interface. In case the SAP application is slow, the robot will wait until the element becomes available and active and only then will do the configured action on it. Because the UI elements are unique there is no way to click on another button. If, for instance, the SAP application will freeze, there will be an exception thrown after the timeout of the click will expire.

nitin safaya says:

What if the SAP application is slow? How are you making sure that UiPath robot has pressed the button correctly?

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