Tutorial – AE2 Part 4 – P2P Tunnels & Advanced Networking

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This episode is all about taking your AE2 game to the next level. We’ll cover Quantum Link chambers which allow you to transmit your network wirelessly over an infinite distance, even cross-dimensionally! We’ll also dabble in a little bit of sub-networking but the majority of the video is devoted to the power of P2P tunnels which allow for some seriously compact setups.

0:15 – Quantum Link Chambers
2:52 – P2P Tunnels (all variants except ME)
7:55 – P2p Tunnels – ME
14:16 – Sub Networks
18:13 – Visualizing P2P & Compact setups

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P2P Conversion Recipes:

DW20 1.12
Applied Energistics 2 rv5-stable-4

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The MindCrafters says:

pro tip: tru ballers build the machine at 20:37. Don't tell Captain, but we had one way back in our DW20 let's play 😛 you can see it in the background of ep 08

unknown one says:

wow, p2p is power…

Liam says:

What mod adds the info at the top about the channels?

Hieu Khuat Duy says:

This is the MindCrackers, thanks for watching

QubicQuantum says:

Fe stands for forge energy. It's a common energy type used by mods and is equivalent to RF

ultradude54 says:

My dude, why not just have all the P2P tunnels get their channels from a subnetwork with a controller? You could extract out way more channels from the main controller that way.

James Jensen says:

What about spatial pylons and all that weird stuff?

Scott P says:

FE= Flux Energy?

Alp Doğaner says:

Foreign Energy maybe?

patriik en says:

Fe is forge energy

Reed DiCenso says:

Found a video of a guy that uses a big AE brain. Makes your brain look like chump change lol https://youtu.be/c_Hty3ch72o

Surr3alD3sign says:

This mod is designed perfectly for mod packs, and works better the bigger the pack and the smarter the user. Theres a mod pack (cant remember the name anymore) that's built SOLELY to maximize the potential of the ME systems (the pack is built so a well made system can be using something like 10,000 channels and it basically turns the end game of the pack into an idle clicker game because legit every single thing in every single mod is automated and organized… it's not a pack made for serious play if you cant tell, it's made to test just how far the ME system can be pushed (pretty much a creative only mod pack bc in survival you wont even see 1/100 of what's in the pack)

Thegamingseb ' says:

Can't you just use tesseracts instead of this complicated shit?

TheIceThorn says:

"Prove me that you need it"

I need it because it's cool 😐
Plus you can do 3 of those and do a chain of one in the other and connect them with ptp, lol.

TheIceThorn says:

FE == Flux Energy

Tatl Tael says:

I was struggling for hours to hook up my network. You explained it in 10 mins and it instantly provided the info needed to fix my problem. Thank you!

XANA520 says:

I learned something about these P2P tunnels before. It's only now that it's actually making coherent sense.

MrNat916777 says:

Question, can you create multiple singularity of the same ID so that I can have a main network and many remote terminal, so that I don't have to craft and build multiple quantum link chamber…?

QuestWalker KO says:

sees brain

what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Zygarde365 says:

FE means "Forge Energy", it's another type of energy

Haliax says:

Drain of 700 rf/t?

laughs in reactorcraft

blue night says:

i think someone on the server i play on has that ME controller brain 12:18 when i can go back on ill ask

ehsan saeedi says:

watches 4 parts on applied energestics , proceeds to copy refined storage to mod folder

Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe says:

What is the RF conductivity on the p2p tunnel?

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