Tutorial 1- Deployment of Models- Premises VS IAAS vs PAAS cloud Platforms

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Hello All,
In this video we will be discussing about the differences Between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service cloud platforms

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Ugesh Kumar says:

Sir, you have missed about the security

Haythem TELLILI says:

Hello Sir,First of all great job but we are waiting for other video because you said that this playlist will contains more than 10 video.

Aman Khaira says:

Hi Krish,
Will you be coming with the videos with the basics of Kubernets, jenkins and other deployment tools as this will be new for me or for most of us.
Additionally if you have github repository video please share link here.

Thanks in Advance.


md faiz says:

such an important issue and so greatly explained…thank you so much bro

Vipin Dube says:

Sir I did not clear about when to use(Cloud,IAAS,PAAS) and why with case study please reply?

Obasi Francis says:

Please more videos. Waiting patiently.

Rawindra Kumar says:

Please upload next video of this playlist, I am waiting eagerly.

chakravarthi p says:

please upload more videos on deployment

Manas Pradhan says:

Thanks a lot sir, this helps a lot, i was looking same kind of stuff all over internet from past 1 year

ibrahim zahir says:

More video sir

Rakesh K says:

Thank you sir .. ❀️:-):-):-)

pavan sai says:

Can I have your email address to communicate with you

thej kiran says:

Sir can u please share me your current resume as an experienced data scientist. That helps me a lot. Thanks in advance
My email id: kancharlathejkiran@gmail.com

radhakrishna j says:

Nice explaination sir, Thanks a lot, iam working as a devops engineer, i choose to learn data science and machine learning is helpful for my career?, Please give me a suggestion.

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