Tower!3D Pro – First Look with Voice Recognition!

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Checking out Feelthere Tower!3D Pro for the first time. If you are interested in the paid DLC I am using check out the links below. I am using the Steam version.

Tower!3D Add-Ons –

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Ministerio Jehova es Salvacion says:

How yoy get that game

Zachary Rygel says:

They should request to cross, they can't just cross, that line is controlled and you have to have permission to enter.

GorillaGaming says:

Are there ever emergencies?

Israel Costa says:

Me dar o link deste jogo pra baixar no meu pc

Captain David Starr says:

Unfortunately I would not get very far in this game.
Me: "This is tower KRE4829 instructing flight DWX1753, you are clear for take-off, taxi to runway niner, over ?"
Computer: "… Who let the kid in ?"
And yes, I have a VERY young voice. Not the best thing that never grew up around me.

Bandera says:

You are pretty good at that

Khristian Asaro says:

Is this just for computers

James Hicks says:

I’ve literally tried everything I can and I can’t get the speech recognition to work, I’ve done the speech recognition on my computer. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my sound drivers. And the game still doesn’t hear shit. How many times did you have to do the speech recognition for it to work properly? Do you still have some problems with the game today?

I Dont Know Who says:

Why do you have mtf t-series ads f**k men!
Sub to pewdssss

Minster Games says:

Of course you have to pay $$$ to play this!

Carter P says:

They are now trialling the digital stripes at Heathrow London.

KON. Y says:


Bryce McCarthy says:

Next time make sure you check the winds (at top of screen) as in this video you were having them take off in a near direct crosswind when 35 would have been perfect for the conditions

Erik the gamer says:

OF COURSE, you didn’t give link to the game!

HiddenWindshield says:

In real life, airplanes have to be cleared to cross a runway. So, the tower would say something like "Taxi via Kilo-3, cross runway 27R, then Mike, hold short of 27L." Could you do that in this game?

Blackevo9 says:

You also seem surprised every time aircraft come head to head. That’s what you told them to do. Control them better.

Blackevo9 says:

You can’t cross a runway without a clearance.

Mr Gorilla says:

14:50 Delete airplane. Lol you have alot of missing people's. Family's are gonna wonder what happend.

AnorexicPandas says:

It’s realistic because you don’t get paid to play it

Gayboy2098 says:

This had my Siri so messed up lol

wascas15 says:

This in VR would be amazing!

Rich D says:

11 o’clock in the afternoon?….interesting

Bot Geoff says:

Do they have this for the other way around? As in the player as the pilot. I could work on my tower talk

James Taylor says:

I don’t know how stuff works In America but as a VATSIM controller in the UK you definitely can’t give about 3 landing clearances with aircraft lining up…

Jason Pfeilsticker says:

$50? really?

Daren Gaming says:

How to download the game

Naufal Dzaki says:

ATC is probably the most stressful "non-physical" job i've known.

AyEss says:

Are there free mods to Tower!3D

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