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Tim K. says:

I recommend paying attention to Exyte. They conduct data analysis and application of sophisticated statistical models. They are experts in data science, big data, and data analysis:

Satodal Karmakar says:

Invest in the stocks of these companies heavily once it bcomes public to become a billionaire quick

Shaily Baheti says:

Thank you for this video, team SDS!
Also, I would like to tell the viewers that recently, ParallelDots has emerged as the best AI startup in India by winning the Tech4Future Grand Challenge, Powered by Invest India and SoftBank Group

Jerry S says:

it's pronounced as "toll tee-owl" – not tiao-tiao

Ashwani Kumar Jha says:

This is amazing content. Thanks for sharing SDS team

Ivan Bryan says:

22k subscribers and only 1 comment 😜

Giubbo17 says:

Thanks for the great content! Just a small advice: try to better equalize audio levels. The commentary volume is typically extremely lower than intro and, more importantly, than average volume of other YT videos. 😉

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