The Most Advanced Robots in the World -

The Most Advanced Robots in the World

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The most advanced robots in the world might not be exactly what you’re expecting. But they’re shaping humanity’s future.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Kay is wierd says:

I'm currently designing a robot I call it " AI PROJECT: HUMAN BODY" or A.I.P.H.B. or A.I.P.A.H.B if you want to be exact for AI project artificial human body but I'm getting ahead of myself since I can't do this yet since I don't have enough experience but it looks like a human and it does have an on/off button in the ear since it's going to have the least interaction it has looped wires like elevators to move and loose skin to hide the wires better and a magnetic back of the head being held with a strong magnet to help keep it in place while still being able to change it and a weaker magnet for eyeballs and wires through the center to stabilize it but I'm only 13 so I don't know what I'm talking about

yv_es says:

Atlas obviously

Sietze van de Burgt says:

I would add Sex robots since they mainly give some people a brwak from a negative job and also are well lets say the closest common man can get to a most advanced robot…

Lord Kenyon says:

Robots could free nations from all employment.

Saumya Shah says:

Hello! This is 2018 and self driving cars still haven't hit the market.

Lucifer Prime says:

you are boring dude

Charlie Herman says:

do an update video

Paul Schoenmann says:

Oh whoa this was 3 years ago lol

Krimson Crescent says:

What if the task is killing all humans

Ian M. says:

3 years later and nothing changed yet

Sophia Cai says:

so im in 2018. where do u get a self driving car?

yoursoultasteslikebacon says:

Literally all I could think through this whole video:

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