The man that sounded the Coronavirus alarm: Joscha Bach @Plinz | The Vance Crowe Podcast

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Joscha Bach is an artificial intelligence researcher that has worked at MIT, Harvard, and Singularity University. I have quoted his work for more than 7 years. He sounded the Coronavirus alarm in January of 2020 and I thought he was losing his mind- so I wrote to tell him. I was wrong. Joscha talks about why nerds can see things coming, predicts how the virus will run its course, illustrates how Westerners were lied to about masks and make the case for how to prepare to help your neighbors. This is by far the most important interview I have ever been a part of. You will likely hear things in this interview that are scary, I know because what Joscha is saying scared me. But it is worth it for how much I learned.

Joscha is the author of the article that could be described as “flattening the curve is a deadly lie” that refuted Vox’s graphic that was inaccurately describing the measures needed to contain the virus. Anyone that has seen me give a speech in the last 7 years has heard me mention Joscha as a person that I deeply respect and have learned a great deal from.

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This is the ninth interview in the ongoing series of Coronavirus perspectives. I believe that society will have the rules re-written when we come out of this global pandemic and it is important to hear how various individuals and industries are handling themselves amidst the crisis.

This series seeks to reveal many perspectives that will otherwise be ignored by both mainstream media and you might not see on your social media channels.


Valerie Wagner says:

WOW, it gives me hope and extremely grateful for glorious Nerds like Joscha Bach! Bravo Vance!

Josh Parrott says:

"People do hilarious things with information" – Jim Keller

Josh Parrott says:

10:15 — interesting to think about how adding individuals to a group creates emergent complexity, ie. An individual may act completely different in a group, or more specifically, normally kind people become monsters whilst immersed in group think (see *ordinary men*)

Lynette Louise says:

I wonder what his thoughts would have been had he foreseen the protests.

Jakub Keller says:

The economy isn't suffering because of a man-made crisis, boogeyman virus. The governments are the real for the collapse.

Allan Brotchie says:

The special thing here is perspective, caution with recognition like here euro gets excited with recognition. Being on the wright path is not a guarante.

I fuck yor mam says:

Coronavirus is just part of simulation, just hack your reward function.

ABQ SKY says:

Hospitals were paid $39k for each Covid patient put on a defibrillator. Just a fact.

Gilbert Lujan says:

So in the long run ! It’s just ( make belief ) !

Gilbert Lujan says:

Like everything else it’s just a story we tell our selves . So we generate an emotion of fear , and believe it true , so we react to the story !

Gilbert Lujan says:

But then , this is just a story our brain tells us that we are living in right !

Vahid Sabalani says:

Respect for Joscha Bach. He shows that scientists can make a change and not leave the reality to ignorants.

phone account says:

That Trump analysis was pretty good

Mandy Borem says:

Yep… definitely Holocaust level event. We've been in a structured Holocaust for years.

GrumpyOldMan says:

All those brains, and still pronounces the "b" in "limb"

FeigerNazi says:

How in the world could any idiot have taken the consideration of WHEN only a pandemic will occur for crap?!
This stupid people will probly make the same mistake again when they are warned about something else to come!
Just idiots!

David K says:

The information he is spreading about measures countries have taken and the consequences it had with regard to how covid spread is definitelly wrong.
The variation how the bug did spread is hugh and has most likely nothing or very little to do with the lockdown.
Both the fact how the virus does spread (so in which situation) and the data available shows that.
How ever there are external factors influencing it but also individual behaviours like distancing in case of cold like symptoms.

Yelbir Kazhykarim says:

Thanks a lot! "Nerds think communication is for submitting ideas to peer review" – I hope everyone appreciated this witty remark 🙂

Jonathan Gibson says:

I followed this early as well and could not let go. First heard through motorcycle enthusiasts ADVchina vlog early January when these westerners started making dramatic noises about Wuhan: their Chinese wives are doctors and they work in medical industry. Started looking into it and found my hair on fire. This pathologist had me packing antiseptic by third week of January, Dr Chris Marten, By end of month I was warning ex-wife to secure masks and treat everyone as if they are contagious. February saw loads of crazy-finger gestures when Trumps reaction and wackiness via WHO/CDC mean America will be closed down by April. Still.

Kelly Berry says:

Thank you Vance!!! SUBSCRIBED!

Filip Vasilev says:

so what’s the solution, to stay in forever ? People are suffering from lack of human contact, lack of exercise, stress… Where’s argument that panic is not worse ? No one talks about victims of lockdown

Roadrunner& Recovery says:

My anniversary Highwater stops drinking Alcohol !Q! Joscha I Love your Mind it's kind and speak TRUTH O LORD

Raza Daza says:

“The Big Storm”.. yep at least he will know where not to stick his beak into next time… he’s brilliant… and he cares but I’ve lost some respect for this man

Raza Daza says:

It’s all about the “nerdy” models that get it wrong and unintentionally feed out fear porn haha

Raza Daza says:

Joscha was only analysing conscious behaviour in relation to the virus, NOTHING more…

Raza Daza says:

And since this came out… how dismally over estimated was the mortality rate… he has jeopardised his reputation… in my mind anyway

Robert MacEwan says:

Talking about hitting the nail on the head.

H Zoonka says:

Joscha Bach thinks"outside the box"he goes with what he"Sees and Feels Right"what makes sense,brilliant german mind.

John Moran says:

"…overwhelm our medical system." – assumes people can afford medical care.

Edwin Horan says:

Before and during the rise of PC computers,and before extensive fracs, exploration geologists who analyze subsurface data, logs, siesimic etc, map, define and drill prospects, wells, and actually test their ideas ( boom or bust, mostly bust) and others of this ilk, many scientists and engineers, have to think differently, independently, do not give a damn about someone else's "opinion" without bringing falsifying data, only the results of the endeavor. . Scientific consensus be damed, otherwise there would be nothing new to discover under the Sun, old windbags "know it all" and then die, not that we really know anything anyway, just a temporary truth until the next discovery and correction if not whole rejection. . . I feel sorry for people who have to get their results by other's opinions, i.e. votes. Votes from do-nothings? Who cares? Its all BS anyway until you pull the trigger, else don't waste everyone's time until you can actually do something, have tangible results, not just talk. . . Like to argue as well. Thanks for the Rant. Go Josh Go, good luck on the future thing., whatever the hell that will be…Who knows, until it happens you don't. Stone Malasada..

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