The History of AI (What Is Artificial Intelligence)

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Artificial intelligence has been a topic of growing prominence in the media and mainstream culture since 2015, as well as in the investment world, with start-ups that even mention the word in their business model, gaining massive amounts of funding.

While to many, the hype around AI may appear sudden, the concepts of modern artificial intelligence have been around for over a century and extending further, the concept of artificial intelligence and artificial beings have been in the minds of humans for thousands of years.

To better understand and appreciate this technology and those who brought it to us as well as to gain insight into where it will take us: sit back, relax and join me in an exploration on the history of artificial intelligence.

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πŸ“– “Hello World” by Hannah Fry
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πŸ“– “Team Human” by Douglas Rushkoff
πŸ“– “The Wisdom of Finance” by Mihir Desai
πŸ“– “Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy O’Neil

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The Terminator says:

I'll Be Back!!!

Live Coding says:

The website is all Quiz, I didn't know where to start πŸ˜’

Miguel Pereira says:

I had no idea that the concept of artificial computing/intelligence went as far as Descartes

Manu Johansson says:

Out of ordinary. excellence. quick.

Engineer 314 says:

I can't be the only one thinking Computer Science IS AI after seeing this video. (Note I didn't say AI is a subfield of CS. I actually mean CS, in it's entirety, culminates into AI)

Mark Anthony says:

Hitted liked and subs….. Great vids keep it up.

Leonardo Bascope says:

Amazing! thanks a lot! I'm eager to watch more videos like this.

Francisco Nieves says:

I think therefore I am. Sounds legit.

Govind S says:

Keep it up, need more content!

Grammar Nazi Party says:

What is that video clip on the left @9:38?

Right = Westworld

Ganaram Inukshuk says:

"Such a machine should produce arrangements of words as to give an appropriately meaningful answer to whatever is said in its presence."

Holy crap, that's the Turing Test.


That Golem doe

brayzbeats. says:

Cool to see you used my instrumental. I feel honored being part of this video!!

Grammar Nazi Party says:

What is that video clip on the left @9:38?

Right = Westworld

SapereAude1490 says:

Your Leibniz pronunciation is wrong.

milo hook fish says:

You should make a video on cybernetics

Amanda R. says:

hey, love your videos. I’ve been watching them for a while now. please forgive me for the unsolicited pointers, but… although you have improved your enunciation, I think there’s still room for improvement. Slow down a bit, speak louder and more clearly, and try to add more intonation just so it doesn’t sound too flat. The subjects you cover are super cool and they pick the interest of people from all around the world. In my case, English is not my first language and although it’s the only language I’ve used for the past 15 years after moving to England, when watching your videos I struggle to understand and stay focused, and I often find myself going back seconds, sometimes minutes. I know, captions would help, but I would rather keep my eyes on the animations and everything else you put on the screen. πŸ˜‰

the impractical transhumanist says:

these videos basically stress that A.I. comes out of symbolic logic. This is correct; but, A.I. and their researchers are blinded by the symbolic logic and wonder why they can't get A.I that understands context.

They think because they proved theorems from Whitehead and Bertrand Russel's "Principia" that they are able to do mathematics; but, this misses the point of the difference between calculators and mathematicians who can conceive of new mathematical theories.

I should be keeping this to myself – but A.I. researchers are working from from a polished higher level programming language(already created mathematics), and not understanding the nature and origins of mathematics. Jacob Bronowski solved all this in his Origins of Knowledge and Imagination."

the impractical transhumanist says:

Pascal came up with the first working mechanical calculator. Leonardo Da Vinci drew the first mechanical calculator.

Issam Chaouch says:

i saw your comment on vsauce and subbed , your channel is interesting

Mary McReynolds says:

You provide a most useful format here to introduce child brains like mine to a complex reality. Thank you.

Mary McReynolds says:

So. thank you.

Hamza Ansari says:

I've seen 2 of your videos, and I got one complaint: you're speaking too fast, slow down a little πŸ™‚

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